Posted 15 декабря 2020,, 11:56

Published 15 декабря 2020,, 11:56

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Conspiracy theorists: special operation "Pandemic" led to remorse of its author - Klaus Schwab

Conspiracy theorists: special operation "Pandemic" led to remorse of its author - Klaus Schwab

15 декабря 2020, 11:56
A special operation to save the system of financial and political globalism turned into its economic suicide.

Not so long ago, network analyst Alexander Rozov talked in his publication about the amazing character Klaus Schwab, who is called the architect of the global world order, and the president of the secret world government, and the initiator of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the author of a certain "Great Reboot"...

Schwab was born in 1938 in Germany and is famous for having created the famous "World Economic Forum in Davos", which became the most expensive event of its kind in the history of the monetary economy, not only bringing its creator and seller the greatest benefit in history, but costing the most to humanity. Rozov is sure that historically next to the EEF Davos it is possible to put, perhaps, the pyramids of Ancient Egypt and the Catholic Church of Medieval Europe. Since the pyramids ravaged the richest Egypt during the Early Kingdom, the church ravaged the richest Roman Empire with a colonial periphery, and Davos ravaged the richest world at the apogee of the scientific and technological revolution (STR).

Back in 1971, he organized the "European Management Conference", and then, expanding the platform, established a foundation that becomes a unifying platform for the discussion of global problems by leading politicians, economists and intellectuals. In 1987, this association was named the World Economic Forum.

Schwab was able to live not only to the outrageous benefits of his site, but also to the moment when the world economy collapsed under the weight of "friendly fascism" developed on it and massively implemented. You can read more about this in his interview and in the book "The Fourth Industrial Revolution".

This concept is briefly outlined in Robert Head's article "The Suicide of Europe", which, in particular, says: "The reason for Europe's problems with its identity thus lies not in the next waves of migrants and not even in terrorism or rampant intolerance. This is all just a consequence. The problem is the European elites themselves, who want to retain power and a model of economic and social development that guarantees them income. Their project envisages managing the emotions and moods of the masses by depriving them of their national history and identity. It includes the mutual alienation of different groups, that is, the division of society into a well-fed political-bureaucratic class and the impoverished broad masses, turned into a precariat. Imposed political correctness is an attempt at totalitarian brainwashing, the purpose of which is to exclude the expression of an independent opinion, that is, the appearance of a protest against the reality formed from above.

Rozov notes that the idea of forced braking of scientific and technological revolution and building a new fascism has been in the air since about 1962. If not for Schwab, then someone else would have sold the oligarchy a decent public platform for the appropriate discussion and approval of a plan-schedule of events. The 1973 oil conspiracy in Arabia and the 1976 emission conspiracy in Jamaica would still have taken place (the exact time and place would not play a fundamental role here). An attempt to build a digital concentration camp would also have taken place. This is evidenced by the primacy of Continental China in this matter - despite the fact that the completely totalitarian Beijing authorities do not even need decency). The final chord of degradation - an attempt to control the mass consciousness globally through the illusion of a worldwide catastrophe (when all other means have already been exhausted) - would also have taken place without Schwab's business. As we can see, the initiator of this chord was, again, Continental China, and the West only picked up this chord. This self-destructive chord itself also became boring, banal, and largely predictable even in form.

Rozov cites the film "Infection" as one of the examples, which predicted the coronavirus epidemic back in 2011.

The analyst himself wrote in his essay 10 months ago: “Davos-2020: the authoritative world economic forum - now a show of frightened clowns” it was noted: “The time of controlled processes in the global world is over. Now everyone hopes to somehow get out on their own (and don't give a damn about everyone else). Perhaps this is what the destruction of financial and political globalism looks like. " This is approximately what happened.

The special operation "Great Quarantine" aimed at saving some of the structures of the absurd global system predictably became an economic suicide. A banal boring performance that we will have to watch until the end, because we live here.

Now the analyst draws attention to the "final surprise" of Klaus Schwab, who has just published the book "COVID-19: The Great Reboot". “In general, it turned out to be more obscene than if Klaus Schwab had issued a project for the restoration of the Third Reich from the Atlantic to the Volga with all the attributes (the Fuhrer, the Nazi party, the“ theory of the superiority of the Aryan race ”, concentration camps, the genocide of“ inferior peoples ”, and a holy war for world domination). in short: Klaus Schwab actually announced that the COVID-19 pandemic is a cover operation to seize world domination - a financial and digital junta with him (Fuhrer Schwab) at its head. A kind of super-putsch with the construction of the Global Digital Concentration Camp.

What was it? Marasmus? Does not look like it. Rather, some strange form of self-sacrifice.

I am explaining this hypothesis.

We do not know exactly what scenario the covid scam developed, in what order the political and financial elites of the G20 states were dragged into it, what each of the protracted ones counted on.

Perhaps at the beginning of the scam, it was about the emulation of the World War - as a traditional tool for writing off global debts, or something like that.

Perhaps it was supposed to quickly do this, and by the summer end the show, announcing the victory of civilized humanity over the demonic coronavirus.

But, one way or another, the calculations turned out to be wrong. Artificially whipped up horror and the "Great Quarantine" (global lockdown) - like the war in Cato's aphorism "feeds itself", and it turned out to be impossible to stop. By the way, I warned in the spring about such a development of events - it was quite obvious when viewed from the outside.

By the fall of 2020, it became clear that the world would plummet into poverty.

That the Western Golden Billion and the Eastern Billions of Empires will plunge first into socio-economic apathy, then into chaotic rebellions and wars.

That the global economy will be torn to shreds, and thousands of uncontrollable political and economic monsters and mutants will sprout through the holes in it.

But that the elites will never be able to agree on an end to this suicidal game.

And that the moment will come when the covid-quarantine scam will crumble by itself, after which it will be necessary to appoint the guilty one (otherwise everyone who more or less publicly gained significant benefits from the quarantine will be guilty).

In general: we need to prepare for the new Nuremberg trial, so that, as then, only a few minor figures (bright enough to dump the whole heap of the cyclopean shit that happened) fall on the gallows.

And here Klaus Schwab decides to make an advance self-sacrifice - he publishes a book in which he declares "The Great Quarantine" - a geopolitical scam, and himself - the main ideologist of this scam, someone in between Joachim Ribbentrop and Alfred Rosenberg.

Grandpa is old, he doesn't care. I mean: maybe for some reason he is sure that he will not live to see the Kovidny Nuremberg trial, and the dead will not be punished, even if they really want to..."