Posted 15 декабря 2020,, 07:16

Published 15 декабря 2020,, 07:16

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Question of the day: why wasn't the "voice of the Kremlin" saved from the coronavirus?

Question of the day: why wasn't the "voice of the Kremlin" saved from the coronavirus?

15 декабря 2020, 07:16
Announcer Yevgeny Khoroshevtsev, who voiced all official Kremlin events, including the inauguration of the president, died of the coronavirus.

According to media reports, Khoroshevtsev refused hospitalization, although he could rely on his status and the Kremlin hospital.

Putin has already expressed his condolences to Khoroshevtsev's family, and Peskov reminded reporters that the announcer, People's Artist of Russia, a student of the legendary Yuri Levitan, has voiced all the protocol events in which the president participated for the last 20 years, including the Victory parades. According to the reviews of people who personally knew Khoroshevtsev, he was a very good person.

On social networks, they wonder why the artist was not convinced or even forced to go to the hospital? Look, the deputies of the State Duma take care of themselves, as soon as they sense something amiss - they rush themselves, and they immediately connect oxygen.

It has long been known that being treated at home for coronavirus is extremely risky, because you can die suddenly in a dream, because a few days after a relatively mild course of the disease, a rapid deterioration sets in, and the person dies... This was repeatedly said by the chief doctor of the hospital in Moscow Kommunarka Denis Protsenko : "The peak of all problems is somewhere around 7-10 days of the disease".

Nobody explained this to the late Yevgeny Khoroshevtsev...