Posted 15 декабря 2020,, 07:13

Published 15 декабря 2020,, 07:13

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Queues and unsanitary conditions: Russians are unhappy with vaccinations in the regions

Queues and unsanitary conditions: Russians are unhappy with vaccinations in the regions

15 декабря 2020, 07:13
The Association of Lawyers of Russia for Human Rights reports on complaints from the regions about the organization of vaccination against covid: those wishing to be vaccinated are taken in the same premises with patients who have obvious signs of an acute respiratory viral infection.

For example, in the cities of the Moscow region, the reception is carried out in the premises of polyclinics, moreover, those who come for vaccination and who have a negative antibody test spend several hours in a row in general queues for an appointment with a therapist along with people coughing and blowing their nose ...

In addition, the complaints mention unsanitary conditions, the organization of hand-held trade near clinics, and most importantly, queues in which you have to spend at least four hours at risk of contracting coronavirus infection. In addition, the complaints also refer to precedents when medical staff discourages those who came for vaccination from taking this step. The vaccine itself is also lacking.

So, a resident of the Moscow region, Natalya B., reports that she received an offer from the polyclinic to be vaccinated with Sputnik-V and Vector via a mailing list, but it turned out that these vaccines were simply not there. Most often they complain about the organization of vaccinations in Domodedovo, Krasnogorsk and Pushkin.

The situation is no better in other regions of the country, for example, in Yakutia, there have already been cases of infection of healthy people who came for vaccination at polyclinics - as a result, whole families are infected. The experts of the Association are sure that vaccination should be carried out in special points in compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards - either in mobile points, or if there are separate entrances for healthy people to hospitals and clinics.

In addition, citizens who have been observing the self-isolation regime since March of this year complain that it is impossible to obtain a vaccine at home, since private clinics and laboratories do not have either the vaccine itself or permission for this procedure.

Experts of the Association believe that private clinics could facilitate the vaccination process for those who do not want to make another contact with other people and visit clinics and hospitals where the probability of infection is high. To avoid the unsanitary conditions that are going on in public medical institutions, you only need to transfer the vaccine to private clinics and paid departments. The Association experts put Moscow as an example of a normal organization of vaccination; there are no complaints from Muscovites in their files.

Maria Arkhipova, Chairperson of the Russian Bar Association for Human Rights, comments on the situation :

- To invite healthy people to be vaccinated in the same room with sick people is a violation of the right to life, and it is extremely difficult to find those who want to be vaccinated in such conditions, people do not want to risk their lives. I believe that the duty of the state to ensure the separation of sick and healthy people, in other cases, vaccination becomes meaningless. I do not understand why a decision was not made in advance to separate healthy people, to protect them from sick people and from infection during vaccination. It is obvious that a managerial mistake has been made that could cost many lives. We see infections in regions after coronavirus vaccination. We need an urgent prompt solution to this problem, otherwise we will get infection among people who followed safety measures and, as a result, we will get even more infections due to the vaccinated.