Posted 17 декабря 2020,, 13:47

Published 17 декабря 2020,, 13:47

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Putin: Russia will not refuse from the strategic goals in the midst of a pandemic

Putin: Russia will not refuse from the strategic goals in the midst of a pandemic

17 декабря 2020, 13:47
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The coronavirus pandemic has made certain adjustments to the plans of the Russian authorities, but the country will not abandon the implementation of its strategic goals.

This statement was made by Russian President Vladimir Putin during the annual press conference on December 17.

According to the head of state, the authorities had to shift "to the right" some programs, including postponing the implementation of plans to develop primary health care. The reason for adjusting the previously outlined roadmaps was the difficulties caused by the pandemic: the country urgently needed additional sources of funding to fight the infection, as well as to support affected citizens and “sagging” sectors of the economy.

According to Putin, "a huge amount of money" - 838 billion rubles - was directed to direct support of citizens during the pandemic.

“But nobody canceled the strategic goals”, - TASS quoted Putin's words.

Earlier it was reported that some state programs at the end of the year were failed. Thus, the Accounts Chamber revealed a clear underfunding of state programs for medicine: the auditors found that underperformance is about 40%.

According to the head of state, the new composition of the government has now been formed just for the solution of strategic tasks, which are defined in national projects and state programs.

According to him, the money that was pledged for the implementation of these plans is not withdrawn anywhere. He cited primary care medicine as an example.

“As planned 500 billion rubles plus 50 billion rubles from the regions, we will continue to do so”, - the president said. He clarified that the plans will be implemented and the money previously allocated for important state programs will be allocated.