Posted 17 декабря 2020,, 13:10

Published 17 декабря 2020,, 13:10

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Report on a neighbor - receive a bonus: how the Moscow Assistant service is being modernized

Report on a neighbor - receive a bonus: how the Moscow Assistant service is being modernized

17 декабря 2020, 13:10
Social networks are discussing a new initiative of the Moscow authorities, which concerns the "improvement" of the application "Moskovskiy Pomoshnik" ("Moscow Assistant").
Moscow region

Today this application performs more or less useful functions. You can take pictures of violations committed by car owners, such as parking in the wrong place, and send the information to the authorities. However, Moscow is preparing to invest 76 million rubles in the modernization of the application, so it will be possible to complain about almost everything.

Thus, users will be able to report illegal trade and poor condition of bike parking, as well as report large crowds in parks and squares. For example, the command “Dark Red” will mean that there are too many people in the park and it needs to be closed, and the “Green” code will signal the opening of the walking area.

Moscow Assistant will track the movement of patients with coronavirus - the application will warn such a person from leaving the apartment.

At the same time, the most attentive citizens will be awarded special points for denunciation - later they can be exchanged for travel on the subway or gifts: backpacks, T-shirts, caps.

"We are very interested in the security of the application, which will give a unique opportunity to plunge into the 30s of the last century. We all remember and will never forget the massive leak of DIT data. Will the next massive data collection lead to a similar sad story?" - asked questions from users of social networks.

Politician Andrey Pivovarov criticizes this initiative:

“Technological innovations in recent years are bringing us closer to the Chinese concentration camp: cameras in the subway are already triggering political activists, thanks to the facial recognition system. Activity points are also already working, we are waiting for them to start providing access to certain services. Detained at a rally? No more preferential mortgages. Did you write a post that Comrade Major didn't like? Now it will be more difficult for you to enroll in the clinic. Before that, this system only worked on technology. But machines need the support of people, and now Sobyanin has developed a system of denunciations - in China it is already working successfully..."

Analyst Alexey Zakharov found several positive aspects in this initiative:

“In Moscow (and probably later in the rest of Russia) a social credit system will be introduced. A person's capabilities will be determined by the number of points that a large computer octopus will award for denunciations and withdraw for disloyalty.

But after all, points that will be removed for unwanted actions will certainly be awarded for good deeds. For example, I'm pretty sure that blood donation will be encouraged. And if they start removing points for me, then I will go to take. Here's the honest villainous. For the love of art and for the beauty of the idea. I will redeem with blood - although it is not yet clear what the exchange rate will be, and how many glasses or liters will have to be paid, for example, for Navalny's repost or for detention. Or how many old women need help crossing the road. Such a brave new world awaits us in the near future.

Of course, for the first few years it will be a circus. Points can be bought (more money - more points) and cheat, the system can be bypassed, information (including how many points someone has and for what they were awarded) will be merged. I hope that there will not be enough political will to bring this matter to mind..."