Posted 18 декабря 2020, 14:08

Published 18 декабря 2020, 14:08

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In the Moscow region, the entrance to the Syanovsk quarries was blocked, where eight children got lost

18 декабря 2020, 14:08
In Domodedovo near Moscow, at the request of the local authorities, the entrances to the Syana caves (Syanovsk quarries) were blocked. On December 17, a group of eight children got lost in them.
Moscow region

According to the representative of the municipal administration, the timing of the installation of video cameras to monitor the caves has not yet been determined.

On December 17, eight children got lost in the caves. They went on an excursion but stopped communicating during the day. Then the guide Sergey Bokov came out of the caves.

As it turned out, he once again conducted an uncoordinated paid tour of Syan. He himself, as well as his wife, were interrogated by the police.

"Since I have two educations, medical and pedagogical, I know well the world around me and the structure of a person, in this regard, my walks are popular (1-2 walks a week). Due to the fact that my walks are educational activities, they are not documented. The cost of a walk depends on the social status of its participant (from 1000 to 2000 rubles). I have a rule that I do not take more than 10 people for a walk to the caves. 9 people responded to my ad - 8 children and one adult. During the walk, I told the participants about the origin of the cave, learned how to cook food. While driving, we got disoriented and came to the same place many times. Then I agreed with the father of one of the children that I would go to look for a way out, and he and the children would stay where they were and would wait for me. For about another 20 minutes I was looking for a way out of the cave, and when I came out, I was met by the employees of the Ministry of Emergencies, with whom I went to the place agreed in advance", - Bokov later said.

All the children were found alive late at night.

Let us remind you that accidents happened in the caves before. For example, a group of young people nearly suffocated by throwing a party in these quarries.