Posted 18 декабря 2020,, 07:09

Published 18 декабря 2020,, 07:09

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"You're finished!": Tom Cruise attacked colleagues who violated the rules of distancing

"You're finished!": Tom Cruise attacked colleagues who violated the rules of distancing

18 декабря 2020, 07:09
Фото: инстаграм Тома Круза
The incident took place while filming Mission Impossible 7 in the UK.

Tom Cruise lashed out at members of the crew who got too close to each other while filming Mission Impossible 7, The Sun reported.

The work on the sequel, which is produced and starred by Cruise, is now taking place in the UK under the strictest security measures. On one of the filming days, the actor noticed two members of the group discussing something at the monitor without observing the distance, and fell on them with a passionate tirade that lasted for several minutes. Fifty members of the film crew became involuntary witnesses of the outbreak of rage, the audio of which is cited by The Sun.

"If I see you do it again, you're finished!", - shouts Cruise to the guilty, and then no less emotionally explains the reasons for his rabies: all efforts to continue filming during a pandemic will go to waste if the authorities learn about non-compliance with security measures.

“Now in Hollywood they make films only thanks to us. We create thousands of jobs, you bastards. No apologies! Apologize to those who remain homeless because our entire industry has stopped. We're not going to close this damn movie. It's clear? If I see it again, you fucking disappear”, - this is the essence of the speech of the movie star in brief.

The filming of Mission Impossible 7, which is taking place in several European locations, has already been stopped several times and has been resumed again due to infected members of the crew. Two weeks ago, the entire group moved to the UK and now Cruise is doing everything possible to make the film finally finished. According to the site, the actor took personal responsibility to the British Department of Health, promising to take all precautions so that the shooting is not closed. Cruise even paid £ 500,000 out of his own pocket for an old cruise liner to keep the group isolated and watch out for rule breakers.

The film is scheduled to premiere on November 19, 2021.