Posted 21 декабря 2020,, 14:07

Published 21 декабря 2020,, 14:07

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Battle near the throne: how Nikita Sergeyevich and Andrey Viktorovich quarreled

Battle near the throne: how Nikita Sergeyevich and Andrey Viktorovich quarreled

21 декабря 2020, 14:07
The scandal between director Nikita Mikhalkov and journalist Andrey Karaulov is gaining momentum. The skirmish takes place on the Internet channels Besogon TV Mikhalkov and Karaulov LIFE. The number of views and subscribers is growing, the scale of insults too.

The names of the head of the Investigative Committee and the president are already mentioned in the skirmish.

Irina Preobrazhenskaya

Оригинал письма Михалкова Бастрыкину, из-за которого разгорелся скандал между Никитой Сергеевичем и Андреем Викторовичем. Оригинал письма Михалкова Бастрыкину, из-за которого разгорелся скандал между Никитой Сергеевичем и Андреем Викторовичем.
Оригинал письма Михалкова Бастрыкину, из-за которого разгорелся скандал между Никитой Сергеевичем и Андреем Викторовичем.

It all started with a letter from Nikita Mikhalkov to the chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia, which was photographed by unknown attackers literally on the desk of Alexander Bastrykin, and then handed over to publicist Andrey Karaulov, who in turn showed the document on his YouTube channel.

The pathetic anger of Karaulov fell upon the fact that the Hero of Labor and People's Artist Mikhalkov, in the worst nomenclature traditions, directly addresses the country's chief investigator, trying to shield his business partner and neighbor from the Nizhny Novgorod estate, Konstantin Tuvykin, from prosecution by the "organs". It is clear that no codes and legal procedures provide for such petitions, according to Karaulov, and therefore there is a blatant use of one's social status for personal (read - selfish!) Purposes.

Moreover, Andrey Viktorovich said that Tuvykin and Mikhalkov are not squeezing wine in the Volga region at all, but are running a business of deforestation and plywood production, thereby destroying the last remnants of local nature.

And what is most terrible is that it is not the first time that the Chief Director of Russia has been trying to protect the selfish interests of this! Evidence of this is the postscript in the Postscript genre, where Mikhalkov thanks Bastrykin for ending the criminal case against the banker Gleb Fetisov and "My Bank", in which, according to Karaulov, "Besogon" tv-program kept a billion rubles.

Judging by the number of theatrical pauses, the tragic intonation of the TV presenter, the viewer must feel the full power of the nomenclature octopus that squeezes Russia...

“Were you afraid that I would show this letter to Putin? I won't show it, he already knows everything”, - Andrey Karaulov concludes meaningfully.

True, at the moment of the alleged catharsis one wants for some reason not to cry, but to laugh.

Did the old wolf of journalism know anything about informal relations within the Russian elites? Did he, like Solzhenitsyn from Vermont, return last night from years of exile?

But after all, Mikhalkov himself never hid the fact that his entire family has been in a close circle of persons close to all secretaries general and presidents for the ninth decade. Putin easily comes to the Master's birthdays, and on Mikhalkov's desk there are almost a dozen special communication devices, including the Main Telephone without a "turntable" for dialing numbers. And all these rare gadgets, along with the luxurious iconostasis, Nikita Sergeyevich persistently demonstrates in every issue of "Besogon" tv-program.

So has Andrey Viktorovich's keen eye never seen them before?!

I saw, knows, understands - Nikita Sergeyevich answers in a special issue of his program "Not all that butter is whipped".

“A successful journalist turns into a huckster who uses documents stolen from the table of the Investigative Committee for money. After all, there may be secret documents in his hands!”, - exclaims Mikhalkov.

And can a false witness and a slanderer, using what was stolen by some "rat" from the Investigative Committee, appeal to the President ?! It just can't, - says Mikhalkov, specifying that Karaulov, changing his views like gloves, "wipes his feet on the president and the supreme commander-in-chief".

Thus, the correspondence dispute between two famous people has de facto boiled down to a dilemma: will Putin react to the public conflict and which side will the President take?

For some reason, Karaulov is sure that he has access to the first person of the state and that he will certainly take his side.

An experienced courtier Mikhalkov is convinced that Putin has more important things to do than condemn the absolutely innocent letter of a member of the Public Council of the RF IC N.S. Mikhalkov to the chairman of the RF IC.

And besides, it is well known that Putin, more than anything else, does not like betrayal. And in this moral category, Mikhalkov has undeniable trump cards. After all, both conflicting characters have known each other well for decades.

Andrey Karaulov recalled how he gave Nikita Mikhalkov for his birthday a painting that used to decorate the Mikhalkovs' house, but then was lost. The TV journalist bought it from the former chairman of the Moscow City Committee of the CPSU V.V. Grishin and returned it to Mikhalkov. The director, in turn, showed the viewers of his channel a video in which Karaulov congratulates Mikhalkov at his celebration with a vocal solo number.

“Then you sang past the notes, but you weren't out of tune in your profession”, - Mikhalkov summed up pathetically.

In denouncing his opponent, Nikita Sergeyevich went so far as to tell the viewers of his channel how Andrey Karaulov turned to him for help in difficult times for him: “You asked me to stand up for you in front of the mighty of this world. Not to stand up for the teacher, not for the poor, but for you yourself. Falsehood - this is your life!”, - exclaims Mikhalkov with perfectly played indignation.

In response, Andrey Karaulov, with the vigilance of a socially active citizen, hinted that it would be nice to check the Culture Foundation, which is headed by Mikhalkov - they say, "is everything in place".

Mikhalkov, in turn, confidentially hinted to the audience that Andrey Karaulov made the profession of a journalist a personal business. "For money, for a partial return of popularity, you can throw good relations under your feet!" - exclaims the director.

However, Nikita Sergeyevich was generous in the final. According to him, Andrey Viktorovich knows his mobile phone well and he is still ready to hear an apology.

How the case will end is not yet clear. So let's take popcorn and watch the sequel.