Posted 23 декабря 2020,, 06:14

Published 23 декабря 2020,, 06:14

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Excavator driver died in a coal collapse in Kuzbass

Excavator driver died in a coal collapse in Kuzbass

23 декабря 2020, 06:14
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During mining at the Vinogradovsky coal mine, which is part of the Kuzbass Fuel Company, a rock collapse occurred in the Belovsky District of the Kemerovo Region. A few hours later, the body of the deceased excavator driver was found under the rubble.

"During the production of coal mining with a hydraulic excavator, rocks collapsed from the working side of the coal seam. As a result, the driver found himself under the rubble in the excavator's cabin", - TASS reports the words of a representative of the regional Rostekhnadzor.

As reported to the agency in the operational services of the region, at the scene were occupied by two sections of the paramilitary mine rescue detachment.

The Vinogradovsky coal mine has been operating since 2004 with a design capacity of 3 million tons of D grade coal per year.