Posted 23 декабря 2020,, 09:58

Published 23 декабря 2020,, 09:58

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Michael Talan: "This rotting war has already became irksome - your internet will simply be cut off, and that's it!"

Michael Talan: "This rotting war has already became irksome - your internet will simply be cut off, and that's it!"

23 декабря 2020, 09:58
“All root CAs are American, they are in American jurisdiction, you do not understand at the top that the United States has a complete monopoly on the Internet and that Russia is 100% dependent on it”, - says Michael Talan, cyber specialist, head of the American IT company PI5.

In an interview with the NewsAder YouTube channel, he spoke about the peculiarities of the cyberattack on US government agencies, attributed to Russian hackers, and also explained what the "response" would be.

“The peculiarity of this cyber attack is that it was not carried out at the moment when it was discovered.

It was a traffic interception operation that had existed for quite a long time. And it's not easy with the help of some worms and, let's say, patches that are installed on a computer or on systems of various organizations, but here the situation was different: the patch was installed on the software of a corporation whose business is to protect and monitor networks.

And this corporation has a very large business with the US public sector.

That is, in fact, sales of this corporation were used as a distribution technology, that is, its software was initially - in the sense, at a certain moment, and not right when they created it - was poisoned with this "patch".

...I do not know if this is the strongest penetration into American infrastructure, but it will hit Solar Winds very hard, of course. It will certainly lift everyone else who is involved in cyber security, because there will be a very high demand for it now.

But the most important thing is the crazy vilification of Russia as a country, I think this is beyond any doubt.

...The answer will be cyber. I think we will now come to the situation when traffic encryption will stop working on certain IP addresses. I am waiting for this - I think they will go there.

They don't understand at the top absolutely...

Putin has a geopolitical paradigm - it is geographic, he does not understand the Internet, he does not understand that the United States has a complete monopoly there and Russia is completely dependent on it.

They do not understand the strength of the US Department of Justice, they think that they will fight with their hackers in uniform.

Once again, the US Department of Justice has an instrument against which they have nothing.

If they publish some kind of order, order, some kind of policy - they will not be able to do anything, it will be carried out all over the world.

They do not even think: there is America's policy against Nord Stream-2, we are not saying now whether this is correct or not, I want to say something else now - pay attention to how all the European counterparties of the United States are doing this!

And if there is a policy to prohibit buying Russian oil? They will all end there. The right to this thought belongs to Leonid Nevzlin, and this thought is very deep.

Now they will sit down and just ask themselves the question: where else is everything poisoned, where else do we have their patches, do we need this rotting, incomprehensible war with them, or do we just need to do something once?

And we are returning to the American policy of forcing peace.

That's all. Only, it is clear: it will be forceful either in cyber or in finance. Because everyone understands that neither America will go to Russia with a nuclear war, nor Russia to America.

...There will be no actions on the part of the United States that will lead to a deterioration in the lives of ordinary citizens, they will hit the enterprise business, the banking system and, perhaps, the telecom.

The Russians will suffer - but not physically, this is very important. That is, no pain, nothing like that.

Your internet just won't work at a certain moment. It will be impossible to get through from phone to phone, you will not just ring.

And it will all be fast. Everything is fast in cyber. Instantly. And this is something that you above also do not understand. That is, that's it, guys. And it will be now. Because everything is just enough.

It's like a rotting wound, festering, festering... Lord, yes, you have to cut it off, that's all!

All root CAs are American, they are under American jurisdiction.

Any encryption of traffic on the Internet is subject to the United States.

Any device in your hands - a computer, an iPhone, an android - no matter what, sends traffic in encrypted form.

At the time this traffic is encrypted, it receives permission from the United States to encrypt it. And it happens in milliseconds.

And these operations are happening billions per hour. And all this will stop working, that's all".

The full interview with Michael Talan can be viewed here.