Posted 23 декабря 2020,, 06:15

Published 23 декабря 2020,, 06:15

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Most Russians will be left without an annual premium

Most Russians will be left without an annual premium

23 декабря 2020, 06:15
Most citizens will not receive a New Year's bonus, but for half of them this is a familiar thing. Only 9% of respondents reckon on New Year's bonuses in full.

Such data follow from a survey conducted by HeadHunter, the results of which are cited by RIA Novosti.

So, 56% of respondents will not receive awards. And 6% will receive them only partially. The same number indicated that they would be deprived of the bonus only in 2020, but usually the management paid an annual bonus. 30% of the respondents do not yet know whether the company rewards them.

Analysts note that the highest share of those who will receive the premium in full is in the field of raw materials extraction - 27% and the public sector - 18%. In the latter, in addition, the highest proportion of those who will be left without an annual bonus, although they usually receive it - 18%.

And in the field of art and mass media, hotel and restaurant business and sales, only 4% are expected to receive a hollow premium - this is the smallest indicator.

As for the breakdown by region, 17% of employees in the Irkutsk region expect a full annual bonus, 16% in the Leningrad region and 13% each in Yaroslavl and Tomsk. These are the highest rates. Residents of the Sverdlovsk and Omsk regions were much less fortunate - there only 4% will be able to count on a full annual bonus.

Let us note that according to the SuperJob survey, 41% of companies will pay the “thirteenth salary”. At the same time, 17% of organizations want to reward all employees, and 24% - only those who have shown success in their work. 31% of employers have not yet made a decision, and 28% will definitely give up their annual bonuses.