Posted 25 декабря 2020,, 11:44

Published 25 декабря 2020,, 11:44

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New York city elite school teachers don't know how to work with the new "racial" rules

New York city elite school teachers don't know how to work with the new "racial" rules

25 декабря 2020, 11:44
Employees at one of New York's most elite schools have gone on strike with demands that have nothing to do with liberal ideology.

American blogger Eugene "Civil-engineer" told in his publication an interesting story that happened in one of the most elite schools in New York - Dalton School, where a year of study costs 54 thousand dollars. School staff went on strike, putting forward an 8-page list of demands to their leaders, all of which relate to racial issues.

For example, according to the strikers, the school should hire twelve (!) Commissioners who will deal only with these problems, plus one more who will help black students defend their rights, plus psychologists to work with minorities.

In addition, in the case of hiring an African American, the management must pay all his university tuition debts, and if black students receive lower grades in advanced courses than whites, these courses should be canceled...

And so on and so forth.

It is quite obvious that such measures will require huge money, and the closure of special courses will negate the chances of school graduates to go to college... All together will simply destroy this school! As a result, the parents of the students are at a loss as all other schools in Manhattan are lower than this. Jewish parents are especially unhappy, who have a completely fair question: “Why are claims made against Jews? The idea that “by being white you automatically get the privilege of becoming a white supremacist is absolutely absurd! Our ancestors experienced the ideas of "white supremacy" on themselves - they were tortured and killed. And our children came from people who had to fight desperately for everything they now have..."

However, these objections, it seems, no longer interest anyone: since the Jews are white, then they are oppressors. And since there are so many of them studying in universities, it means that they have some kind of special "white" privileges, and they need to be reasoned with by setting a percentage rate.

Curiously, the author notes, the majority of New York Jews voted for Democrats, and are now reaping the bitter fruits of their choice. And the most liberal school, which they loved so much, is now running ahead of the locomotive...

But how do we reconcile with liberalism the demands to employ African Americans by paying them all their debts, or to cancel difficult courses? This is a perfect leveling in the Soviet spirit!