Posted 25 декабря 2020,, 13:09

Published 25 декабря 2020,, 13:09

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Zelensky will declare the mobilization of women for war with Russia

Zelensky will declare the mobilization of women for war with Russia

25 декабря 2020, 13:09
Фото: С. Харченко / picture-alliance/nur photo
President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has promised to announce the mobilization of not only men, but also women in the event of a "big war" with Russia.

Answering questions from the Focus newspaper on December 25, the Ukrainian president said that in the event of a Russian attack on Ukraine, none of the Ukrainian citizens - neither men nor women - would be able to sit at home: the whole nation would have to participate in the military campaign.

“This is a terrible situation, I don't even want to imagine it. I'm against it. Let's hope this is not possible. Otherwise, there will be a big war. We will not go anywhere, we will all fight, everyone will be mobilized - both men and women. It will be bad for the Ukrainian population. And I think that Russia understands this very well”, - EaDaily quotes the statement of the Ukrainian president.

Earlier, Ukrainian Defense Minister Andrey Taran publicly stated that the Ukrainian side does not plan to start a military campaign against Russia for the return of Crimea, since the country's leadership believes that the forces of the opponents are obviously unequal.

As the newspaper notes, in Ukraine there is a very popular rumor that Russia may already display military aggression against Ukraine in the near future - in particular, in the summer several Ukrainian generals announced at once that the war with Russia could begin in the fall, and the invasion of "Putin's hordes" will happen from the Crimea.

Among the reasons for the possible attack by the Russians, the Ukrainians name the seizure of the dam in Kherson, which Russia needs in order to resume the supply of water from the Dnieper to Crimea through the North Crimean Canal. The problem of dehydration in Crimea became especially acute in 2019-2020 during a severe drought. As a result of the drying up of reservoirs, water supplies to a number of Crimean cities began to be limited by the hour. Simferopol and Yalta were particularly affected.

Despite the involvement of the military in laying reserve water pipelines, the population does not have enough moisture; water supply is allowed only for three hours in the morning and three hours in the evening. To solve the problem, the federal authorities have allocated 48 billion rubles to reform the peninsula's water supply system. A significant part of them will go to the construction of a seawater desalination station near the settlement of Nikolayevka.