Posted 29 декабря 2020,, 09:54

Published 29 декабря 2020,, 09:54

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A fur store and a lynx fur coat: domestic celebrities talked about the gifts of dreams

A fur store and a lynx fur coat: domestic celebrities talked about the gifts of dreams

29 декабря 2020, 09:54
Фото: инстаграм Ольги Бузовой
What do the stars of Russian show business dream of getting for the New Year?

Russian celebrities often declare that they prefer to give gifts rather than receive them, however, before the New Year, they nevertheless said that they would not mind finding them under the tree.

Olga Buzova, for example, says: “The girls, make-up artists, and the beloved, and the director are asking me now:“ What do you want? ”I want a Maybach and a lynx coat, okay, sable".

Fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev, informs "Interlocutor", has enough clothes to dream of another fur coat, his desire is to have a place where all this can be stored. “I want to have a new repository for my collection of costumes in Moscow”, admitted the fashion historian. "It should be a free-standing storage facility". Vasiliev hopes that fans will contribute to the realization of his dream: he does not have enough personal funds for such an expensive purchase.

Nikas Safronov claims that he does not need gifts, although he lives modestly: “Yes, I have a Porsche and a nice apartment in the center of Moscow, where I meet guests, but I need them. I won't buy a Rolls-Royce just like that. I am always ready to spend money on housing for friends and family, and on medicines too. I have to fly in business class to maintain my image. But I can fly even by the toilet - it does not bother me at all". Without expecting anything from others, Safronov prepares gifts for others: he paints pictures for the King of Bahrain and Ornella Muti.

Dana Borisova dreams of getting a trip to the sea for the New Year, but she suspects that this is not feasible: “We really do not have enough warmth, good weather. But nowhere to fly. I would like to fly to the Maldives, but they are not allowed there with dogs, and my daughter and I always fly with our dog". This summer, the TV presenter admits, she was vacationing in the Krasnodar Territory.

Showman Stas Baretsky would be happy to fulfill Olga Buzova's desire for a lynx fur coat, but on the condition that she join his ritual business: “I am ready to give her as a first salary. We're doing very well in the funeral business right now. Do not think that I am stuffed into her lover. I myself have everything super, everything is there - both cars and non-engine. Most of all I dream that my funeral business grows, more of my agencies appear”.