Posted 29 декабря 2020,, 09:52

Published 29 декабря 2020,, 09:52

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The blogger described how she was treated for coronavirus in a temporary hospital in Krylatskoye

The blogger described how she was treated for coronavirus in a temporary hospital in Krylatskoye

29 декабря 2020, 09:52
The number of people infected in Russia is growing day by day, as well as the number of those in need of hospitalization.

annatubten was treated in a covid hospital in Moscow. Despite the absence of chronic diseases and good health, after two weeks of home treatment I had to go to the hospital. An ambulance brought her to a temporary hospital with 1,300 beds, which was deployed in the ice rink in Krylatskoye. Anna writes that she saw a new type of hospital. Each patient receives individual treatment. Three of her neighbors were treated differently, depending on their condition and the severity of the disease. Despite its gigantic size, treatment, care, and food are clearly organized in the makeshift hospital.

In the admission department there are several tables for receiving patients at once, the main influx is at night, during the day it is calm here. There are also 6 viewing points. They take away clothes, give out sick leave, right down to the slippers.

Anna was amazed that along with the clothes, the hospital was given a set of essential items - toothpaste with a brush, soap, a comb and even hygienic lipstick. The set includes earplugs. This was very useful, because everyone coughs terribly at night, and the partitions are cardboard, and everything is open from above.

Temperatures, blood oxygen, and pressure are measured three times a day. The doctor comes twice. Injections, droppers, pills, tests - during the day.

Oxygen is supplied to each bed, and the nurses come immediately to the call with the panic button.

Aleksandr Kotov is responsible for food in the hospital - as it is written on the posters hung on the walls. The food is dietary and tasty, in disposable dishes. There is water at the medical post and herbal teas are also there. Patients bring food for tea and leave it - maybe life, someone will have an appetite. Besides tea, Anna also found a bookshelf there. In the corridors there are 8 zones with soft sofas and TVs. Garbage is cleaned up every day and burned.

Toilets and showers are equipped in special areas. 210 toilets, 90 showers, hairdryer, sink, everything is clean, tidied up, toilet paper is always there. Toilets are disinfected several times a day.

Anna noticed that things and materials are of good quality. They are designed to be used and then disposed of. Anna writes: “You see how doctors and nurses tirelessly try, who are on duty for days and, if they sleep, they sleep right there, on chairs, how dozens of people are discharged from here every day, who were brought on gurneys a week ago, and you realize the real effectiveness of such new system and deep gratitude for the work of doctors and, in general, for the creation of such hospitals. At least in a pandemic, these are thousands and thousands of lives saved".

The hospital cannot be compared with infectious diseases hospitals in the same Moscow. Several years ago, Anna compares, her mother was in one such hospital. What kind of disinfection? What kind of water? Friendly attitude? No, you haven't it!

And yet - you can get home by a hospital minibus. They won't take you to the entrance, but you will definitely get to the nearest stop. Within a week Anna could walk home with her own feet.