Posted 4 января 2021,, 13:38

Published 4 января 2021,, 13:38

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Priluchny didn't save the "Major" film series. Viewers criticize the first film of the new year

Priluchny didn't save the "Major" film series. Viewers criticize the first film of the new year

4 января 2021, 13:38
In their reviews of the film "Major", filmed as a sequel to the popular TV series, the audience scolded everything - the plot, the acting, and the casting...

Both film critics and users of social networks write about their disappointment with the film "Major", which was released on January 2. Moreover, even the actor Pavel Priluchny, so beloved by the audience, could not save the film from critical reviews.

According to the filmmakers, it became both a continuation of the series franchise and a separate story. “We are sure that Major. The film "will appeal to both fans who will be able to find answers to questions after the finale of the third season, and new viewers who want to get involved in the universe of the project after watching the movie", - said its directors.

The plot revolved around Igor Sokolovsky, who miraculously survived the events of the third season. At the beginning of the picture, he escapes from prison and begins a new life, returning to a secular get-together, where a new synthetic drug is gaining popularity. Meanwhile, friends, enemies and the FSB are on the trail of the Major.

In addition to Priluchny, Evgeny Stychkin, Agnia Ditkovskite, as well as the wife of the film producer Alexander Tsekalo Darina Ervin, whose unprofessional performance also displeased the audience, starred in the main roles.

“It's funny to see how Russian actors in bandanas and chains imitate gangs of black Americans, and the new wife of the producer Tsekalo plays the leader of the Asian drug mafia. The pathos of these or those heroes literally rushes from all cracks, and the banality of the plot development finally kills all interest in watching”, - writes one of the reviewers.

Priluchny himself, who plays the main character in the series of the same name, which has nothing to do with the film, except for the title and performer of the main role, did not go well either:

“Only obscene words rotate in the language. As good as the first season was, the film was just as bad. No idea, no morality. Just a stereotyped story..."

Well, the film itself, or rather its plot, also got it, since the fans of the series expected to see the development of the relationship between the hero and the heroine in it, but nothing of the kind was found in the film:

“Do not entertain false illusions. This creation has nothing to do with the series. I didn't understand at all what this film was about? The first part showed how a person who values and respects life grows from a simple rich fool. The second and third are about how a person changes under the influence of revenge, how he can make mistakes and fall, how he grows up and takes responsibility. But what is this film for? To forget everything that was in the beginning?"