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Published 4 января 2021,, 13:44

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The irony of fate: Malchish-Kibalchish left for the USA and became the president of a bourgeois firm

The irony of fate: Malchish-Kibalchish left for the USA and became the president of a bourgeois firm

4 января 2021, 13:44
On January 4, a dispute unfolded in LiveJournal - should the Soviet actor Seryozha Ostapenko, who in 1964 played the role of Malchish-Kibalshich, and then left to live in the United States, be considered a traitor of the Motherland?

Let us remind you that Malchish is the positive hero of "The Tale of the Military Secret, of the Boy - Kibalchish and His Firm Word", written by the grandfather of the Russian reformer Gaidar, Arkady.

The boy lived in a peaceful countryside protected by The Red Army , whose forces are several days away, played childish games, and also helped adults. After the elders left for the war with the evil "bourgeois" who suddenly attacked the country, he led the resistance of the last remaining force, the boys - the "boys". They had to "just stand for the night and hold out for the day".

"Hey, you boys, little boys! Or should we, boys, just play with sticks and jump ropes? And the fathers left, and the brothers left. Or we, the boys, sit and wait for the bourgeois to come and take us to their damn bourgeoisie?", - the boy called on his classmates to fight the enemy.

But as a result of betrayal Baddie that destroyed ammunition Malchish-Kibalchish was captured by Chief burzhuinov who tried scary torture find out a military secret from him. Kibalchish did not betray the secret and died under torture, and soon came, like a storm, Red Army and freed everyone. The boy was buried in a high place on the Blue River...

However, in the life of the cinematic hero Seryozha Ostapenko, everything happened just the opposite. The actor who played grew up and went to live with bourgeois in the USA, in Florida. Now he, according to LJ blogger Sergey Tsvetkov, president of Ultrasonic Technologies, as well as a lecturer at the University of South Florida.

Сергей Остапенко счастливо живет в СШАСергей Остапенко счастливо живет в США
Сергей Остапенко счастливо живет в США

So who is Sergey Ostapenko - a scoundrel and a traitor or a smart and calculating person? - asks another blogger - a great lover of everything Soviet Kolybanov, citing his own life as an example: “This is what I have to say about myself. My political views changed, I was a liberal and even a market leader. But to leave here (even if I was in demand there) I didn't even think of a thought".

But Mr. Kolybanov invited readers to vote by answering the question in the title. And then - voila! - it turned out that the vast majority of readers took the side of the practical and successful Seryozha Ostapenko.

Only 8.8 % called him a "scoundrel and a traitor" , 79.4 % called him a "smart, calculating, good man"...

By the way, the fate of the Bad Boy from the above movie was completely different.

Сергей Тихонов в 22 года попал под трамвайСергей Тихонов в 22 года попал под трамвай
Сергей Тихонов в 22 года попал под трамвай

Sergey Tikhonov served in the Soviet Army, and soon - on April 21, 1972 - he died when hit by a tram at the age of 22.