Posted 5 января 2021,, 12:45

Published 5 января 2021,, 12:45

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Censor by vocation: Prilepin is ready to scuffle against the future cinema about the poet Yesenin

Censor by vocation: Prilepin is ready to scuffle against the future cinema about the poet Yesenin

5 января 2021, 12:45
The author of books about the life and work of Sergey Yesenin, Zakhar Prilepin, received with fury the news of the beginning of the filming of a feature film by one of the most successful directors of our time Klim Shipenko "December".

Angelica Zaozerskaya

The director of films: "Salute 7", "Text", "Kholop" on the day of the 95th anniversary of the death of Sergey Yesenin announced the start pictures, about which he wrote on his page in the FB:

- It MIRACLE that "December" - the movie about the last days life great Russian poet Sergey Yesenin began my , I'm sure not light way !!!!

Thank you huge all brave and brave producers, Who supported this risky movie!!!

This movie was invented together from my father Alexey Shipenko 4 years back . is he wrote scenario at my participation . Alexander Petrov will be plays form Yesenin the way he appears to in my imagination today ! , - said the director.

Zakhar Prilepin was hostile to the main version of the film about the murder of the poet. The writer devoted four rather aggressive posts in which he proves that the version of Yesenin's murder is false, and the director uses it for the sake of entertainment and box office:

- They write to me in the comments to two posts about the upcoming film about Yesenin's attempt to escape to Finland and the subsequent murder of the poet by the Chekists, so that I write to the director - Klim Shepenko (note: the mistake in the name of the director made by the writer Prilepin).

I'm telling you. Six months ago, when the first news appeared that such a film was being prepared to shoot, I immediately asked the assistants to write to Klim: so, they say, and so, I am Zakhar Prilepin, I have been studying Yesenin for twenty years, I read all the main literature about him, and all the versions of his death, I studied all of them in the most detailed way, considered and described in detail in my book. And I am ready to act as your consultant on a completely free basis. So that you do not make offensive mistakes.

In response, Klim informs me (I quote from memory, but this letter exists): Zakhar, I read your book, in general, I suspect that you are right, but I will shoot about the murder.

Actually, that's all.

It's not that they don't know how it was. They know everything. But if you shoot the truth - who cares? But if you twist it: Duncan, Finland, security officers - here immediately: wow! - and our trusting citizens, as well as the younger generation, who can already be told that Yesenin and Vysotsky were friends, but Dzerzhinsky was hunting for them, the murder could have been prevented by Solzhenitsyn, but he was sent to the North Pole, and kapets.

You can think of the above as an advertisement for this book (this is one book, not two). Even Klim Shepenko recommends it.

I have no other weapon to deal with what is happening.

And I ask in advance: before saying that you have a "different opinion" - you read it all the same. And then we will discuss. I honestly read everything written about the "murder of Yesenin". And looked, by the way, too. Because this will be the third film where Yesenin is killed, - Zakhar Prilepin is indignant.

Prilepin's friend - well-known political scientist Mikhail Pogrebinsky in plain text proposes "to fill the director's face?"

Does the Ministry of Culture sponsor? You have a nice minister now and it seems not stupid? What if this director gets his face filled?

To which Zakhar Prilepin strangely answers: this is the highest grossing director today. He has a lot of sponsors ...

It turns out that Zakhara Prilepin stops from massacre (I note, not the first one, with the participation of Zakhar Prilepin: in 2019, at a festival in Vladivostok, Prilepin hit the poet Spartak Golikov in the face, who called Prilepin "sticky". Let's say that men have their own showdowns, but Zakhar Prilepin considered it possible to humiliate the poet and publisher Dana Kurskaya in proving his innocence in connection with the film by Klim Shipenko:

- AND here , wow , under New year, day of death Yesenina , Chesnokov in direct air issues new version of Yesenin 's " murder " . Not his own , however . Author her is a poet Dana Kursk . I her not I know . Maybe good poetess . AND what thought up this behold Dana . Thought up she next : together from Yesenin in hotel " Angleterre " lived George Ustinov from his wife, failed as she says the poet, who, she believes very envied Yesenin . AND behold further on reason , apparently , envy , in them begins fight , and Ustinov Yesenin kills . A then they together from wife imitate Yeseninskoe suicide . Dana , Edward . You the same simply slandered people . Not only Ustinov , but and his wife . Here why ? Prilepin asks:

- IN connections with all this ridiculous noise around of death Yesenin in his time was established special commission - where worked criminologists the highest level , at of all by ten degrees , all uncovered dozens cases . They everything - not majority - and exactly everything , everything commission - definitely stated : this suicide , no no reasons talk about murder .

it them work , you know - their professional sphere , - and they answer per their words . Answers whether per their the words Dana ? No, of course it is not answers per their words , - Zakhar Prilepin made such accusations.

Interesting, as Zakhar Prilepin will object to the People's Artist of Russia Sergey Nikonenko, who has not been studying Yesenin's life and work for 20 years, like Prilepin, but 50, who created a museum of the poet on Arbat, who played the poet in the film "Sing a Song, Poet", and who also considers that Sergey Yesenin was killed?

- But a deep drunkard could not write and publish 31 books in 10 years. Before the poet's death, his three-volume edition was being prepared for publication. Personally, I do not believe that Yesenin committed suicide. He was killed, - Sergey Nikonenko shared his assumption with Novye Izvestia.

And in general: who gave the right to Zakhar Prilepin to interfere in the professional activities of film director Klim Shipenko, to tell him: what to make a movie about? By the way, Klim Shipenko made the film "Salute 7", based on real facts, and the prototypes of the films - cosmonauts Vladimir Savinykh and Vladimir Dzhanibekov did not express any complaints about the film. Why Prilepin thinks that “only his book about Yesenin is true, and all the others are not”? Who does not allow Zakhar Prilepin to find sponsors for the creation of a film based on his book, as Klim Shipenko did? Or make a film yourself as a director?

Alexander Galich has lines about people like Prilepin:

Do not be afraid of praise, do not be afraid of blasphemy,

Do not be afraid of pestilence and gladness,

And fear the only thing -

The one who will say: "I know HOW IS RIGHT!"

Who will say: "Come, people follow me!

I will teach you HOW IT IS RIGHT! "

And scattered as a petty demon,

And swearing in love to you all,

He will pass through the country with iron,

And drown it in blood.