Posted 5 января 2021,, 13:23

Published 5 января 2021,, 13:23

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Covid-19 will speed up Brexit: the aftermath of a new lockdown in Britain

Covid-19 will speed up Brexit: the aftermath of a new lockdown in Britain

5 января 2021, 13:23
According to experts, the British government, under the guise of a new lockdown, is solving a completely different problem - the accelerated dragging of Great Britain into the new order.

As you know, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced last night a new, third, lockdown, that is, the introduction of a self-isolation regime in the country. This is the third lockdown in the country and will be valid until at least February 15th.

The reason is the same - the health care system cannot cope with the flow of cases.

“A new variant of the virus is spreading at an alarming rate. Obviously a third national lockdown is needed”, - Johnson said. This will help bring the coronavirus under control and help roll out full-scale vaccinations in the country, he added.

According to the prime minister, the spread of a new strain of coronavirus worries the authorities. “Our collective efforts to combat COVID-19 have worked and would continue to work if not for a new type of virus,” Johnson said. He emphasized that scientists have already proven that the new strain is 50-70% more infectious than the previous ones. In this regard, hospitals are now experiencing a much greater burden than at any time during the entire period of the pandemic, and the resources of the health system without taking new measures could exhaust themselves in three weeks.

Johnson also announced the closure of schools, that is, most English students from Tuesday will switch to distance learning. As with previous quarantines, which were in effect from March to May and from November to December 2020, people were allowed to leave the house only in exceptional cases. These are the prime minister's names for going to a grocery store or pharmacy for medicines, visiting a doctor and traveling to work when there is no way to work from home. Since the end of December, shops that do not sell essential items, restaurants, pubs and cafes have been banned in most of the kingdom.

Journalist Kirill Shulika compares these measures with Russian ones:

“This is how the leader of the nation behaves... (...) and the rating does not fall, which is significant. In Russia, it is prescribed to survive on its own, like everything is fine with us, not like in rotten Europe. And then the real death rates will be revealed ... Of course, they will blame the CIA for everything and will try to shut up. But you can't shut up. So do not hesitate, for all this inaction and manipulation of the board there will be a black swan, which will certainly arrive..."

Network analyst Anatoly Nesmiyan believes that the new outbreak in England is not a reason, but a reason for such a decision. The reason is completely different than the pandemic, this is Brexit:

“Convenient explanation. England, which in 40 years went through a real war, and on its own territory (German bombing successfully replaced ground warfare), of course, has experience in deploying emergency medical services sufficient to receive a huge number of injured and sick. But - British health care continues to exist in a "peacetime". Which in itself says: the British government is not going to fight the coronavirus in practice, preferring to imitate this fight.

The reason may be one of two things: the authorities are well aware that the coronavirus is not a fatal risk, and therefore there is simply no point in carrying out mobilization measures. The second reason is that the British government, under the guise of quarantine measures, is solving a completely different problem - the accelerated dragging of Great Britain into a new order, which is obviously being created on the ruins of the current one. If so, then logic requires precisely accelerated measures in order to have time to pass the critical period of transition as quickly as possible and take the highest possible place in the future world hierarchy.

England has already gone through a similar period of breaking the old traditional way of life and transition to capitalism, and coped one of the first. Which allowed her to take a leading place in the then new world order. Now - a repetition of history, but at a higher level.

A series of lockdowns is a series of crises that help to accelerate through the dismantling of the existing order and building a new one in its place. Everything is as always - to build something new, you need to break something old. So they break him. Brexit is a condition that helps Great Britain, without looking back at the Europeans, to solve their problems on their own..."