Posted 5 января 2021,, 12:52

Published 5 января 2021,, 12:52

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Social depression amid the overwhelming envy

5 января 2021, 12:52
And about depression, that's what I think. We need to open a store. For depressed buyers. With complete anonymity and maximum legality.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

Psychoanalysts, I think, will not be needed there, well, if only for a complete soup set. Or there for existentialists, tormented by complexes and bondage, toil with spirituality at their leisure. The store will be wonderful. Commercially beneficial and good for people.

As for the complexes, I have a big doubt about them. I believe in four main complexes - anarchy, poverty, being at the bottom of the social ladder, and the ugliness complex. The rest is from the evil one. More precisely - not from the evil one. But from the gloomy, mournful, with a beard and a beret.

In the society of the future, there should definitely be an addiction-building service. After all, a person without addictions, contrary to the claims of the medical mafia and healthy lifestyle agitators, is practically half-corpses, an asthenic larva, the embodiment of vanity.

“The habit is given to us from above - it is a substitute for happiness”, - the poet wrote. And some have no habit of living. Every time you are reborn, waking up. There is no charm, Lovecraftian horror of enveloping and every time a different reality. However, I do not dream of happiness. The materialist does not need happiness.

In this clinically highly spiritual space, profane people like to talk about the causes and properties of a negative attitude and find digestible explanations for it. The profane was formed by Russian literature, glorifying suffering, the Russian intelligentsia, glorifying Russian literature, the cocaine doctor Freud and psychoanalysts in principle.

I don't see depression as a disease at all, to the extent that I can use propagated propaganda to eliminate it.

Actually, the cause of suffering is usually simple and known to the person himself. For example, if a person lives poorly, on the verge of poverty, misery, it is strange to treat him with pills or intimate conversations (and the latter is also mean). You just need to give him the opportunity to make money.

As proof of this theory, a special Money Branch could be opened within the Depression Store. There, the client will be given a certain amount at regular intervals. I am sure people will get healthier before our eyes. But seriously, if, as I already wrote, all a Russian needs to do is live normally. Who will give? By the way, my pre-election initiative with the universal basic income is exactly about this.

Of all the depressions, the most important for us will be the social one. After all, modern postmodern man long ago learned to live in a completely collapsed metaphysical world, in an existential emptiness (by the way, what is this, how is it prescribed to feel?) But in a world of lack of social lifts and prospects, life for him is truly unbearable.

The post-Soviet man, deprived of everything and in everything, is inherent in some kind of animal envy, an inescapable feeling of triumph associated with a house burned down by a neighbor. This is not surprising for a society of broken hierarchies, but every time I am afraid of this literary, comic and terrible triumph of the lowest feelings at the same time.

A well-known journalist in narrow circles broke out into a whole post, in which both a poorly veiled desire to humiliate others and a militant triumph of mediocrity are evident:

“Finally, a series of posts about the achievements and failures of the year ended. Tears are pouring in. In these reports, I am invariably engendered by the tradition of our people to lie to themselves and pretend that losses and failures add to their confidence in the future. Well, not true! The woman writes that last year she lost her job twice, she has no money, she lives in debt. And in the end, she suddenly says that this test will give her strength, that now she knows that she can withstand a lot and that two stressful layoffs will do her good.

But this is not true! Twice a job change, a failure in a work book, a rollback in a career. Yes, and a career as such, she did not happen, the woman works in an almost grassroots office position. She already had little chance of success, and now they are almost gone. Two dismissals with a bang is a disaster, and, most likely, after it you will not get out.

Or another suddenly reports that her husband left her, having previously cleverly registered the joint property for himself. She sits on the veranda of the country house (from which she will have to get out after the holidays), drinks tea with lemon and repeats one thing, because her husband's betrayal will make her stronger. Yes, he won't! It made the poor fellow homeless, left him on the street, she faces years of courts for a ghostly opportunity to return at least a share in the apartment. That's it, this is the end!".

It turns out a vicious circle, samsaric looping, self-tightening loop. Those who have felt humiliated all their lives know only one measure of justice - humiliation of others. Often such people, in their schizoid desperate "insights", see themselves as such "Wolands", arbiters of destinies. Moreover, in order to feel the "magical abilities" in themselves, they just need to fix the misfortune of another and associate it with their own life and worldview position, which is more reminiscent of an absurd posture during sleep - the sleep of the mind.

They actually imagine that the hypothetical enemy (because, as a rule, the “enemy” does not know about their existence) was overtaken by some kind of universal retribution and, which is typical, precisely from their submission. Interestingly, having spent their lives in meaningless observation of others, they missed a lot of time, effort, and resources that they could have spent on self-improvement.