Posted 5 января 2021,, 12:32

Published 5 января 2021,, 12:32

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That's really wild!: The post office sent money of Sochi pensioners back to the Pension Fund

That's really wild!: The post office sent money of Sochi pensioners back to the Pension Fund

5 января 2021, 12:32
Pensioners from Sochi held one-person protests because they did not receive the required pensions. But the money was not given to them anyway, "Caucasian Knot" writes.

Residents of Sochi, receiving pensions on the 3rd of every month, came to the post office yesterday, January 4th, since January 3rd fell on a non-working day - Sunday. However, the post office told them that there was no money. Police officers were called to the scene, but they could not help, one of the pensioners said. “The pension fund is closed. They rest there and celebrate the holiday. Why shouldn't we have a holiday and money?”,- he was indignant.

Some pensioners held single pickets near the closed building of the Pension Fund and in front of the entrance to the main post office. The posters read: "Stop mocking pensioners!", "Stop lying!", "Pensions are not paid!" However, there was no reaction to what was happening.

One of the retired women said that every month after receiving her pension she goes to the pharmacy and buys the drugs she needs. Now she has run out of medicines, and there is nothing to buy them. “Why the pension is not issued, the postal workers do not say. And when they give - too. They said, "No money, don't wait, go away"... I am lonely, disabled. I can barely make ends meet”, - she told.

The head of the post office, Anna Zinovyeva, explained that these people were supposed to come for a pension on December 29. “With this number, Russian Post was forced to close payments to those who did not receive money and send them back to the Pension Fund before the holidays. The Pension Fund must resume payments and send us money for pensioners who did not receive them, and then we will immediately start paying”, - she added.

At the same time, pensioners receiving pensions on the 4th were given it. But more than 100 people who received money on the 3rd of the day and did not know about the change in the schedule were left without a pension.

Lawyer Roman Shikarev believes that pensioners need to contact the prosecutor's office. "By the order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia dated November 17, 2014" On the approval of the Rules for the payment of pensions "it is established that pensions must be paid" on time "on the payment date set by the pension fund", - he stressed.