Posted 5 января 2021,, 12:27

Published 5 января 2021,, 12:27

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

UK introduced third national quarantine

UK introduced third national quarantine

5 января 2021, 12:27
The UK government is introducing a third nationwide quarantine due to a new strain of coronavirus. It will run until at least mid-February. This was stated by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson, reports TASS.

Without quarantine, the health care system could be overwhelmed within three weeks, Johnson said. He also noted the conclusion of British scientists that the transmission rate of the new genetic variant of the coronavirus is 50-70% higher than the previous one. “The number of deaths over the past week has grown by 20% and, unfortunately, will only grow”, - the British Prime Minister is sure.

During a lockdown, residents of the country will be allowed to leave their homes only in exceptional cases - to go to a grocery store, pharmacy, hospital or to work in case of impossibility to work remotely. You can also exercise once a day near your home. At the same time, all schoolchildren will switch to online education.

On the advice of experts, the fifth is being introduced in the UK - the maximum level of the coronavirus threat. The restrictions introduced earlier did not allow taking the situation with the disease under control. The new measures will take effect tomorrow, January 6th.

At the same time, Johnson said that by mid-February the most vulnerable groups of the population - residents and staff of nursing homes, people over 70, doctors and social workers and those with extremely poor health - will receive the vaccine. If this helps, and the number of deaths from coronavirus begins to decline, then gradually the authorities will lift quarantine measures.

More than 2.7 million cases of coronavirus have been reported in the UK since the start of the pandemic. Over the past week, 50 thousand cases have been registered there every day.