Posted 4 января 2021,, 23:23

Published 4 января 2021,, 23:23

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Wuhan is not guilty again? China obfuscates traces of coronavirus

Wuhan is not guilty again? China obfuscates traces of coronavirus

4 января 2021, 23:23
The Chinese authorities already claim that a year ago, the coronavirus infection did not appear at all on the market in the city of Wuhan, but in several places of our planet at once.

The die-hard conspiracy theorist Alexander Rozov issure that the Chinese are doing their best to obfuscate the traces of the so-called "coronavirus scam". As evidence, the network analyst cites publications in a variety of foreign sources, including the influential The New York Times and ProPublica, which, after examining thousands of classified government documents, revealed how the Chinese authorities managed to form public opinion on the Internet during the pandemic.

In addition, in publications of this kind, bewilderment is expressed, so far “no one in the world has isolated the SARS-COV-2 virus and transferred its isolate to WHO. And if it is not highlighted, then it is impossible to determine whether the patient is infected with it..." And the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, which is managed by Mr. Lores Fink's BlackRock investment fund, also got it..." And so further, and the like.

Rozov also points out that the Chinese authorities have classified studies on the origin of the coronavirus, but along the way, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says completely absurd things in an interview: “... More and more studies show that the pandemic was probably caused by separate outbreaks in several places in the world..."

That is, it turns out that a year ago, the Chinese offered the world to take their word for it, without presenting samples of an isolate of the culture of a new coronavirus, which had not previously been found in nature and transmitted to humans by a bat on the market in Wuhan, and a year later neither about Wuhan nor about China. does not go, and it was proposed that several unnamed places on the planet be considered the birthplace of the coronavirus.

“If you believe Mr. Wang Yi, then several coronaviruses of pre-existing species from different countries contacted by messenger and staged a flash mob: they mutated synchronously into a demonic SARS-COV-2...” - the author sneers.

And he predicts that this kind of information will continue to be launched by China in order to completely confuse the traces...