Posted 7 января 2021, 11:08

Published 7 января 2021, 11:08

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Riot of the fated one: by inspiring rebels, Trump ruined his political future

7 января 2021, 11:08
As it was reported by Novye Izvestia, on the evening of January 6, Trump supporters broke into the building of Congress in Washington, where the procedure for approving the voting results of the electoral college, which announced on December 14 the victory in the election of US President Joseph Biden, took place.

Russian media and social networks responded vividly to this event.

As a result, four people were killed in protests outside the US Congress. According to Washington Police Chief Robert Conti, "at least 14 Metropolitan Police officers were injured during the demonstrations".

“The US Congress is a temple of democracy. The scenes in Washington are shocking. We believe that the United States will ensure a peaceful transfer of power to Joe Biden”, - said Charles Michel, President of the European Council.

Sociologist Alexey Roshchin considers Trump to be almost a hero, especially since he had nothing to lose:

“Biden has already called what is happening in Washington "a rebellion, not a protest". Wow! Grandpa even came out of his ever-drowsy state for such an occasion. But the accusation was made, and it is more than serious.

Rebellion cannot end in luck.

Otherwise, his name is different.

So far, there is not the slightest chance of victory for Trump. But he is a fine fellow, if only because, like the hero of Nicholson in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", "at least tried". Anyway, they would have tried to jail him, I think, this year: the "democrats", which they have convincingly demonstrated more than once, are fanatics, and compromises with fanatics are impossible. There is only one consuming malice. So Trump, in fact, did not lose anything and does not lose anything.

Be that as it may - he spoiled the triumph for the "democrats". And he created a very important precedent: Congress has not yet been taken by storm in the United States..."

But political scientist Sergey Medvedev was sure that something similar would happen in America:

“Keep America Great? (English: Let's Keep America Great). This presidency could not end just like that, with a peaceful transfer of power. What began as an evil clownery ends with an attempted coup d'état - in an amicable way, Trump, who sent a crowd to the Capitol, should face impeachment and trial. But it's hard for me to imagine how 70 million of his voters, inflamed with propaganda, social networks, conspiracy theories, will put up with this - in the presence of strong federalism and tens of millions of weapons. The march to Washington on January 20 has already been announced - and the inauguration day may become a real test for the authorities. With pain I look at America on the brink of a civil war. And the Kremlin propaganda is jubilant - such a present for Christmas.

Someone thought that all this would end in 2020? Welcome to 2021..."

Political analyst Alexey Makarkin approached the situation in a balanced manner, analyzing the situation without emotion:

“While it was Christmas night in Russia, festive hymns sounded in churches and the Gospel about the adoration of the Magi to the baby Jesus was read, a drama took place in America.

This drama was neither a crisis of American democracy, nor a delegitimization of elections, nor an attempted coup d'état. This is the drama of people who considered themselves the majority and did not want to admit the terrible truth for themselves - they became a minority.

Trumpism dates back to the radical tradition of the American Revolution associated with the name of Patrick Henry. Role models - Francis Marion (prototype of the protagonist of the movie "Patriot" played by Mel Gibson) and Davy Crockett, who fell at Fort Alamo (attempts to revise his image, played by Billy Bob Thornton in the 2004 film, contributed to a surge of outrage, accusations of rewriting history and the failure of the film). The belief that it is they, the people of provincial America, who are "100% Americans", the backbone of the nation, a silent majority that voted for Nixon and Reagan. Dislike of a strong central government and defending the rights of states to decide for themselves what to do with African American rights, the death penalty, abortion, and gay marriage.

Isolationism multiplied by anti-communism - such an explosive mixture led the predecessor of the Trumpists in previous years to support military operations, but only to contain communism (so that the Bolshevik did not come to America, rob him of a shop, destroy the church he goes to on Sundays, and did not nationalize his wife). After the end of the Cold War, the motivation for any external activity has sharply decreased - for example, Putin is not an enemy for a Trumpist, but a Christian leader defending traditional values. The enemy is a liberal politician, a smart guy from a university, a journalist, a human rights activist, a migrant, a representative of minorities - from racial to sexual.

And now it turns out that the coalition of minorities has become numerically stronger than the support and foundation of society. The only way to win elections is to use an electoral system that gives an advantage to the American hinterland. Since 2000, only once (in 2004, in the conditions of residual anti-terrorist consolidation and in the wake of euphoria from the victory over Saddam), Republicans received the majority of the votes on a national scale. As time goes on, new generations are more liberal, Democrats are actively registering African-Americans for participation in elections and giving citizenship to “dreamers” (plus children of illegal migrants born in the USA receive it by right of soil).

Hence the drama of the 2020 elections for the Trumpists, who have become a screaming frustration minority whose familiar world around them is crumbling - from the expansion of retail chains ousting the store that the Communists never got from the market, to the erosion of seemingly unshakable moral values (so the Trumpist is already unclear what is worse - a hypothetically nationalized wife or daughter who actually announced marriage to her best friend). And here the only hope is for Trump to remain in power at any cost, who will stop all these processes and return the old world where the younger respected the elders and the minorities knew their place.

And hatred for everyone who prevents Trump from holding on. New enemies are added to the old enemies - traitors from their own party, conservative judges (also traitors). One's own state - and not the notorious deep state - becomes alien. The rights of the states have been discarded, since their representatives will certify Biden's victory - in their place are dreams of a dictatorship relying on patriotic military personnel. But Trump is not General James Mattun Scott from Seven Days in May. He is not a conspirator, but a narcissist and demagogue, who for weeks kindled passions and incited his supporters to fight, and then left them to their fate, urging them to go home (“We need peace. So go home. We love you. special ") after they have already messed up, supporting his hopeless attempts to stay in the White House and at the same time being incapable of anything other than routing Pelosi's office and posing for cameras (which could very well lead them to other cells on charges in mutiny).

The conspiracy of the Trumpists, their distrust of the institution of elections - coupled with the electoral mobilization of African-Americans in Georgia - contributed to the fact that the Republicans have just lost their majority in the Senate (some Trumpists stayed at home, not trusting systemic politicians and dreaming of leadership not even Trump, but Sydney Powell and General Flynn). Now the Trumpists are undermining the Republican Party, threatening to obstruct the primaries of all its moderate representatives.

But the riot in Washington appears to be backing up against the expected participants. Even before him, signs of a bipartisan resurgence began to appear in America. Now Trump has finally found himself in complete isolation in the establishment. Vice President Pence has effectively refused to obey him, ministers are discussing the possibility of his removal using the 25th amendment. Yesterday it was possible to seriously discuss the possibility of Trump's participation in the 2024 elections - now it already looks unthinkable. Senator Schumer speaks more sharply than Senator McConnell - but their speeches now have much more in common than differences. By their actions, both Trump and the Trumpists have stimulated political consolidation around the core values of the modern state.

And one more important circumstance is also interesting. After the American Congress, albeit briefly, but somewhat resembled the Donetsk regional council in 2014, Vice President Pence again took the chair (his role went far beyond the protocol framework - but not in the format Trump expected) and senators in that the same day, the session was resumed in the ordinary mode - from the moment when it was interrupted. Severe stress did not stop legal procedures from being followed. This is parliamentarism, including at the symbolic level.

After the anarchist Vaillant threw a bomb in the meeting room of the French Chamber of Deputies on December 9, 1893 (by a lucky coincidence, there were no people killed), its chairman Charles Alexandre Dupuis uttered the famous words La séance continue! ("The meeting continues!"). In the USSR, Ilf and Petrov outplayed it in a mockery, putting it in the mouth of Ostap Bender and combining it with disdain for another, as it seemed, outdated institution - the jury. Then it seemed to many that the bourgeois world was inevitably crumbling. But the USSR is long gone, and the institutions of parliamentarism and the rule of law continue to exist, despite threats from various radicals, both left and right..."

The journalist Dmitry Kolezev asked the not idle question: which side will the Kremlin take in this confrontation?

“It will be interesting to see how the unrest in the United States will reflect the Russian state media.

On the one hand, from the Kremlin's point of view, any protests, let alone riots, are harmful. This should never be supported.

On the other hand, the Capitol invaders are in favor of Trump, "our son of a bitch". Well, okay, not really ours. But against the background of Biden - it seems like not a stranger.

However, in mid-December, Putin congratulated Biden on his election victory. Therefore, "our son of a bitch" is no longer there. Even Bush, Jr., the American ex-president most understandable for Putin, calls what happened in the Capitol a shame and compares the United States to a banana republic.

Perhaps the most reasonable from the point of view of Russian propaganda is not going into details and details to explain to viewers and readers that everyone in America has gone crazy there, "and these people are still teaching us about democracy." And besides: the United States staged orange revolutions in other countries of the world - here's a boomerang for them. A classic, they say, example of how colonial policy eventually comes to the metropolis.

Here are four victims (tragedy, of course) - an argument in the piggy bank of Russian propagandists. “We said that in the USA the protesters would simply be shot,” they will repeat to us. The difference is that this is not just a protest, not a paper cup: it is an attempted takeover of a government building during a power transit procedure. It is not for nothing that the American media uses the word coup (rebellion).

In general, it is interesting how the American justice will assess the actions of the Capitol invaders. We need to watch..."