Posted 7 января 2021,, 08:07

Published 7 января 2021,, 08:07

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Shooting in the US Congress: Trump protesters burst into the Capitol

Shooting in the US Congress: Trump protesters burst into the Capitol

7 января 2021, 08:07
Trump supporters broke into the building of Congress in Washington, where the procedure for approving the voting results of the electoral college, which announced the victory of Democrat Joseph Biden in the US presidential election on December 14, was underway, TASS reports.

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser has announced a curfew in the city.

Prior to the meeting, the incumbent spoke outside the White House in front of the participants in the "March to Save America" - a multi-thousand-strong demonstration in his support, during which he announced that he would not admit defeat in the elections. After the end of the action, many of the participants went to the Congress building.

In the legislative body, a joint session of the Senate and the House of Representatives was held, at which the results of the presidential elections were to be approved. It was suspended due to objections filed by a number of Republicans. The protesters broke into the Congress building minutes after both chambers began to discuss the objections that had been received.

American police in Washington DC used tear gas and non-lethal weapons to disperse supporters of US President Donald Trump.

The woman was injured and is in critical condition as a result of the shooting in the US Congress, which broke into dozens of protesters. This was reported by the TV channel CNN.

He gives no details. Earlier, US National Public Radio reported that Capitol police, in arms, were ordering protesters to leave the Congress building.

Several law enforcement officials were injured in riots in downtown Washington Wednesday. This was reported by the TV channel CNN. According to his sources, at least one employee was taken to the hospital.

The state of Virginia is sending military and members of the National Guard to Washington - Reuters reports with reference to the governor.

It is characteristic that earlier the Pentagon refused to send National Guard troops to aid the Capitol. About this in his A journalist told Twitter account The Washington Post newspapers Aaron Davis with reference to sources.

“A source told me that Ministry of Defence just turned down a request from DC officials to deploy the National Guard at the US Capitol, "the reporter wrote.

US Vice President Michael Pence and members of the US Congress are evacuated from Capitol Hill without completing the meeting at which the results of the November elections are to be approved. This was reported on Wednesday by a number of American media outlets, including the TV company CNN.

"Legislators are being evacuated from the House of Representatives, Pence has been evacuated," CNN's congressional correspondent Manu Raju wrote on Twitter.

His colleague Dana Bash said live that Capitol police had distributed gas masks to members of the House of Representatives. As specified by the news agency Associated Press , this step was taken due to the fact that law enforcement officers were forced to use tear gas within the walls of Congress against protesters who had infiltrated there, supporting the current US President Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, the broadcaster Nbc reported that Pence and Senator Chuck Grassley, who, by seniority, may serve as the presidency of the upper house of Congress, have been transported "to safety". The press service of the White House did not disseminate information about where exactly Pence is.

US Capitol police officers with guns in their hands order protesters who broke into the US Congress to leave the legislative building. This was reported by the US National Public Radio.

According to him, the protesters are trying to break into the barricaded hall of the House of Representatives, they have already broken the windows in its doors. The police at this moment took out their weapons and ordered the protesters to leave the building of Congress.

US President Donald Trump urged protesters outside the Congress building to behave peacefully. He posted the corresponding entry in Twitter.

"Please support our Capitol police and law enforcement. They really are on the side of our country", - said the head of the White House. "Stay peaceful".

Trump also called on everyone in the Capitol Building to refrain from violence. "I ask everyone in the Capitol to remain peaceful. No violence! We are the party of law and order, respect the law and our great women and men of law enforcement", - the entry says.

Trump is in the White House and is watching what is happening on TV. Aides to incumbent US President Donald Trump urged him to make a stronger statement on the riots in Washington, "but he has refused so far." This was announced on Wednesday by CNN.

Vice President Michael Pence called for an end to the violence in the Congress building and warned that protesters who broke into there would be held accountable.

US President-elect Joseph Biden has called on incumbent President Donald Trump to urgently demand an end to the siege of the Capitol in Washington. He made the corresponding statement on Wednesday, speaking at a press conference in Wilmington (Delaware). The broadcast was conducted on the politician's website.

“I urge President Trump to go national television now to fulfill his oath, defend the constitution and demand an end to this siege”, - he said.

Biden called the riots in Washington a rebellion that threatens the American democratic system. "Right now, our democracy is under an unprecedented attack", - Biden said. "Nothing like this has happened in recent history". “This is not a protest, but a rebellion”, - the democrat stated.

At 23.38 Moscow time, TASS reported that some of the supporters of the current US President Donald Trump were starting to leave the steps of the US Congress. But how many of them remain inside is unknown.

In November, Americans elected a president and vice president, all members of the 435-seat House of Representatives and a third of the Senate of Congress, governors of 13 states and territories. Biden received 306 of 538 electoral votes and is set to become the country's 46th president. Trump won 232 votes, but still does not admit defeat, claiming that the Democrats, through various manipulations with the counting of ballots, stole the victory from him.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, commenting on the events in Washington, called on Donald Trump and his supporters to recognize the official results of the US elections.

"Trump and his supporters should finally accept the choice of American voters and stop stomping on democracy," Maas wrote on Wednesday Twitter.

According to him, what is happening now in Washington "the enemies of democracy are rejoicing". "Disrespect for democratic institutions is devastating", - Maas wrote.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg calls for respect for the results of democratic elections in the United States, he is shocked by the violence in Washington. This is stated in Stoltenberg's statement released by the alliance's press service.

"Shocking scenes in Washington. The results of democratic elections must be respected", - said the alliance secretary general.

00.36 Moscow time - special forces entered the building of the US Congress, where the protesters had earlier burst - NBC.

The social network Twitter has banned retweets of Trump's recording with a video message in connection with what is happening in Washington due to the "risk of violence".

Meanwhile, Democrat John Ossoff defeated Republican David Purdue in the second round of the Senate in Georgia. This means that the upper house of the US Congress comes under the control of the Democratic Party for at least two years. Such assessments were presented on Wednesday by NBC, CNN, Fox News.

The vote count has not yet been officially completed. According to the TV channels, according to the results of processing about 99% of the ballots, the gap between Ossoff and Purdue is very small, but the Republican no longer has a chance of winning.