Posted 7 января 2021,, 20:34

Published 7 января 2021,, 20:34

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

"We took up the drag ourselves": the residents of Kostroma implemented snow removal instead of the communal services

"We took up the drag ourselves": the residents of Kostroma implemented snow removal instead of the communal services

7 января 2021, 20:34
Residents of Valentina Zaitsev Street in Kostroma, desperate to wait for the employees of the city road services, harnessed to the sledges and began to independently clear the paths to residential buildings.

The residents of the regional center posted video footage of their work on the VKontakte social network. According to K1NEWS.RU, local residents have adapted homemade wooden sledges to two Niva cars. They did not wait for the road service, they were forced to solve the problem themselves.

“Clean it all over Kostroma! Your snowblower is the only one in Kostroma, I haven't seen another one in 2 days”, - the publication quotes comments from users of social networks.

According to the city authorities, the communal services are tasked with "liquidating the consequences of heavy snowfalls throughout the city as soon as possible".

In response to numerous complaints from residents about the untimely snow removal, the authorities carried out a series of raids.

“According to the results of the raids, 32 violations were revealed on the streets of Novy Byt, Zadorin, Kommunarov, Ivan Susanin, Voikova, Sovetskaya, Titova, Nikitskaya, Yuri Smirnov streets, as well as in Davydovskiy microdistricts. No driveways have been cleared here. There were snow and ice overhangs on the eaves of the roofs of the houses”, - the Kostroma mayor's office explained.

The authorities said that inspection reports were drawn up for all the facts of the violations identified, the perpetrators are awaiting at the Department of Municipal Inspections to give explanations. The mayor's office added that after the snowfalls, utilities managed to put in order 667 yards. Management companies are responsible for this front. The work involved 20 pieces of equipment. The management companies and homeowners' associations were advised to “intensify work on clearing and removing collected snow from the adjacent territories”.

Meanwhile, social media users warned the initiative residents of Valentin Zaitsev Street that now that the authorities have learned that they have their own "snow removal equipment", they may not wait at all for the arrival of communal services.