Posted 7 января 2021,, 23:35

Published 7 января 2021,, 23:35

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In a wreath of white rose, ahead of them chaos, chaos goes!*

7 января 2021, 23:35
Алина Витухновская
Those who think that COVID-19 was the same ordeal, after which long-awaited prosperity, universal understanding and social and political harmony will come, are cruelly mistaken. In general, it is too early to relax.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

Recently in the comments, someone pointed out that people have long ceased to be friends. It really is. The atomization of society is intensifying, the lost loners are beating in existential convulsions.

The state is also losing its power over its citizens by leaps and bounds. And that is precisely why it demonstrates its cruelty and masculinity, increasing targeted repression.

All global events have their own logic. But this logic is implicit, non-linear. We are witnessing the deconstruction of the world - social, political, metaphysical. Even psychophysiologically over the past year we have become a little different. But this is the "little" that will subsequently have an impact on everything that we previously considered unshakable and unchanging. Now we are kind of mutants.

What has the coronavirus essentially become? That global force majeure, woven from previously unaccounted for, unspoken, hushed up. Many have tried to postulate the superconditionality of being, its predictability and inviolability. From adherents of religion to representatives of science. Which, in turn, alas, has now demonstrated its absolute powerlessness in front of a seemingly long-known (at least since the middle of the last century) negative biological factor.

The destruction, which was locked for a long time, found its embodiment in the COVID-19 pandemic, becoming the catalyst for a whole complex of mass-unconscious processes. First. There was a blow to the psychophysiology of the masses. And not only the masses, but also for each individual individual. Second. An immediate blow to the psyche and consciousness. How to react to what is happening? Someone fell into a panic. Someone froze and froze in static. Someone went all out. And someone rushed to work on a vaccine and save people.

The stage of comprehension is followed by the stage of conclusions, also from individual to collective. Thus, entire layers of the mass unconscious are changing. And where there is a mass unconscious, there is a third - political. COVID-19 has become a radical political factor in global action. And we are only at the beginning of the path.

The world is reeling, its structures are floating before our eyes. Which political scientist could have predicted what would happen the other day in the Capitol? Nobody!

So what do we have? World political crisis. The loss of control occurs not only in Russia and in the post-Soviet space, but throughout the world.

The stronghold of democracy - the USA, in the form of its stable dichotomous political system, was unable to ensure a coordinated transfer of power after the presidential elections.

The world froze in disbelief. For all the apparent radicalism of what was happening, Trump's latest breakthrough cost the lives of several people. Which is definitely a tragedy. But let's remember what happened during the riots perpetrated by BLM! As of June 8 last year, there were already about two dozen dead. And this is only official.

Of course, Trump's desperate step was a step into the political abyss, breaking the very American electoral system, its holiness and legitimacy. And as one of the protesters said: "If America falls, then the rest of the world will fall".

Unfortunately, such a performance, where politics has been completely replaced by show business, the world of clowns, can play into the hands of authoritarian regimes that will accept the current situation as a signal for action. In a wreath of white rose, ahead of them chaos, chaos goes!

The antitrumpist consensus has entered its final stage. The socialist Nietzscheans seem to be acting according to the metaphysical methodology of "Push the Falling One". However, Trump has accomplished a feat that is absolutely atypical for the modern world - he pushed himself. And this gesture is worthy of respect.

Incidentally, on January 3, 1889, Nietzsche went mad. He saw a cabman beating his horse in the Carlo Alberto square in Turin. He rushed to the unfortunate animal in tears. The experience brought him to a state of passion. He spent some time in the Basel Psychiatric Hospital. His creative activity was interrupted until the very moment of his death on August 25, 1900.

Have you ever thought that madness pursues a philosopher or ideologist not as an organic disorder in itself, but as a resource failure?

That is, in fact - a person goes crazy only because his super-genius concept does not find implementation in reality, does not radically form (change) reality? And in the end does not consume it? In my opinion, it is so. Insanity is self-punishment for powerlessness.

Of course, the same Trump is not a madman, but a showman. But the showman is too radical for a completely gray world.

Russia is rushing into the abyss like your Turin horse, in all its stinking decay, in all the bewitching madness, in all the necrorealism. It rushes at all of you - existentially defeated, subjectless patients, mental outcasts of their motherland-stepmother.

* The title of the article is inspired by the poem "The twelve" of Alexander Blok; there are the lines from it:

"...So on they go with sovereign tread —

Behind them limps the hungry mongrel,

And wrapped in wild snow at their head

Carrying the flag blood-red —

Soft-footed in the blizzard’s swirl,

Invulnerable where bullets sliced —

Crowned with a crown of snowflake pearl,

In a wreath of white rose,

Ahead of them Christ Jesus goes".