Posted 8 января 2021, 07:32

Published 8 января 2021, 07:32

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Russian military base in Syria came under mortar fire

8 января 2021, 07:32
The Russian military base in the area of the city of Tel Tamer in Syria was attacked by militants, now it is partially destroyed.

According to the portal, the attack was organized by Turkish jihadists who were preparing a raid on the Syrian democratic forces. However, by mistake, the attackers launched a series of powerful strikes against the positions of the Russian military personnel located in the vicinity.

"As a result of the fall of large-caliber mortar ammunition at the base of the Russian military, serious damage was noticed, however, none of the Russian servicemen was injured", - the message says.

The situation in Syria began to escalate again after a relative calm. Observers note that members of the Syrian Democratic Forces, located south of the Russian observation post, were specially covered by the Russian military. The attack was preceded by a series of provocative statements by the Syrian side regarding the intention to expel the Russian military from the airfield in the city of Kamyshly.

Earlier it was reported that on January 1, a terrorist vehicle filled with explosives exploded on the territory of a Russian military base. Earlier, pro-Turkish militants also made several attempts to attack the city of Ain Issa. The city is located just 37 kilometers from the border with Turkey. The situation in the city has escalated since December 21, when the Turkish army launched massive strikes on the positions of the Arab-Kurdish alliance "Syrian Democratic Forces" (SDF). Over the past several weeks, the command of the Russian group in Syria has been negotiating with the SDF on the transfer of Ain Issa to the Syrian army, but the militias refuse to surrender the city. The Russian military in Syria has deployed additional forces around the city to discourage further escalation in the region.