Posted 11 января 2021,, 12:27

Published 11 января 2021,, 12:27

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Personal experience: hospitals "sell" deceased patients as goods

Personal experience: hospitals "sell" deceased patients as goods

11 января 2021, 12:27
The well-known Russian sociologist Sergei Belanovsky published in his blog a letter from his friend from the Kaluga region, in which he describes the horrors of modern Russian medicine by his own example:

“Mom died of cancer on 07.12.2020. Only now I have moved away from grief and I can write something about it reflecting.

My mother and I went through all our medicine, from the therapist of the regional center and ending with the resuscitator of the Moscow hospital. Buyanova (formerly ZILovskaya). I have seen and can say a lot.

Medicine collapsed.

In 2012, the regional center did EGDS and ultrasound. Now they don't. It was closed during the late Putin.

The region has a very high mortality rate from cancer. Third place in Russia. Not surprised if there is no equipment or staff.

Why so, I see 4 reasons.

1) Do not give the population knowledge about how to detect the disease at an early stage. Methodical recommendations from the Ministry of Health, in fact, are useless.

2) Doctors do not detect the disease. Starting with therapists. The therapists work for the dump. Formal diagnostic procedures - questioning the patient "what hurts", and not screening with analyzes (interviews and examinations are also not carried out as expected - note S. B.).

3) When detected, do not cure. Doctors of the admission department in Kaluga fake diagnoses in order not to take seriously ill patients.

4) When it’s too late to heal, bodies are not given out to the relatives without money. Monstrous corruption and moral catastrophe in the pathological departments.

The personal data of the deceased are sold to the left and to the right. "Cargo-200" is sold as a commodity. Funeral services require twice as much ($ 800) as for childbirth ($ 400).

For this reason, I got the body only on the sixth day at the other end of Moscow. I didn't pay the vultures a dime.

At the same time, according to a statistical sample, doctors themselves more and more resemble workers who were burnt out on an assembly line, with corresponding professional deformations, and neglect of patients. Not all of them, but the trend towards an increase in the number of professionally deformed people is evident.

There are signs of the creation of class isolation, such as the presence of a professional language, a double bottom in diagnoses, certain ways of transmitting hidden information in diagnoses.

All these trends existed before the coronavirus. There will be after him.

The collapse of continuous treatment leads the patient and his relatives to inhuman torment.

Of course, I understand that the current government will leave sooner or later. But what to do with doctors who will not go anywhere !!!

They will not treat people in a new way with a new government. And if they are left, corruption will corrupt any young specialists. It is worse here than the saws of research and development and development projects in industry. And the amounts are milked not from the budget, but from the population. The population feels and is angry, but can do nothing.

What to do - there are many options. But absolutely any of the options for influencing the situation will lead to a monstrous mortality rate in the short term.

I would like to find historical analogies, but I cannot find any times or epochs when it was the doctors who were amazed at this with this "cancer" of consciousness.

Perhaps our post-Soviet space is unique in this catastrophe..."


It is clear that a post on such an important topic as domestic health care caused many comments, including from Belanovsky himself:

"Everything that you wrote is well known to me: due to the negligence of doctors, at various times I acquired several chronic diseases that were not fatal and did not even give me the right to disability, but greatly reduced the quality of my life and limited my ability to act (intolerance even to slight to cold, limiting the ability to move around in urban space). I'm not afraid to say that they broke my life.

Neither the doctors, nor sociologists, nor persons of any other profession do anything, not only to improve the situation, but even for its mass coverage in the media and blogs. Complaints about doctors are blocked by the medical community: doctors use their qualifications not to clarify the situation, but to obscure it. Ultimately, it is concluded that the patient is mentally ill and is inventing his symptoms (but without formalizing the diagnosis of mental illness), or he himself is to blame for the development of his illness. Few succeed in breaking through this wall, these are isolated cases throughout the country, and there are no cases of compensation for harm caused at all (at least they are unknown to me). Many diseases take years to develop, but no one can be held accountable retroactively.

I must say that there are also opposite cases. I don't know if there are many of them. For example, we can cite as an example a woman whose development of a very serious kidney disease has been stopped and her condition is monitored every six months (she is tested, undergoes an examination). In case of exacerbation, I believe she will be hospitalized. But even here, at the stage of making a diagnosis, a urologist (I think he stands out among the others for his humanity and qualifications) from a paid clinic literally said: “You need to find a good nephrologist. Unfortunately, there are no such people among my friends. But if you contact in the clinic in general, you will be "allowed on stage." How did you manage to find a good nephrologist and get into a serious Moscow hospital - I don’t know. It didn’t matter in the hospital, a young fool made a kidney injection so that the patient screamed in pain did anesthesia), at the injection site, according to ultrasound, either a cyst or a hematoma was formed. Nevertheless, the diagnosis was made correctly and the treatment was prescribed. The woman is regularly monitored and feels well.

Believe it or not, I tried to raise these problems 30 years ago, but nothing came of it. Protection from the medical staff (primarily administrations) blocked all my attempts".

From the editor:

Just one fact - to compare and understand the situation with the same cancer patients. A police outfit came to the relatives living in Finland. A family of three people were forced to undergo a FREE examination for signs of cancer. As it turned out, in Finland, this procedure is carried out regularly and is mandatory for everyone - roughly like a vehicle inspection. It's needless to say, what benefit doctors and patients get from early detection of cancer...