Posted 12 января 2021,, 07:09

Published 12 января 2021,, 07:09

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Divine intervention: baptismal cross saved a child from a stray bullet

Divine intervention: baptismal cross saved a child from a stray bullet

12 января 2021, 07:09
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Residents of the Argentine city of Las Talitas believe that a miracle happened.

New Year's miracle happened in the Argentine city of Las Talitas: the boy received a stray bullet in the chest, but the crucifixion saved him from death. The incident is reported by the Daily Mail.

On the evening of December 31, nine-year-old Tiziano played on the doorstep of his house with his brother and sister. Suddenly the boy felt pain in his chest and saw a bullet under his feet. Tiziano was taken to the hospital, where doctors diagnosed a superficial wound to the chest from a firearm. The scratch was treated, and an hour later Tiziano was already at home.

At the place where the children were playing, Tiziano's relatives found a silver baptismal cross presented to him by his father. There was a gaping hole in the center of the cross: a bullet hit the metal and got stuck there. The boy's parents consider everything that happened as divine intervention. “Thank God he's with us”, - said Tiziano's mother, Alexandra, - "It's a miracle. We took him to church, he spoke with the Holy Father, who said it was God's blessing".

Who fired the bullet is unknown. Local police commenced the investigation in order to find the shooter.