Posted 12 января 2021,, 08:34

Published 12 января 2021,, 08:34

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Search units are looking for the relatives of the Great Patriotic War participant Sergey Bobkov

Search units are looking for the relatives of the Great Patriotic War participant Sergey Bobkov

12 января 2021, 08:34
Murmansk search unit representatives and the Moscow search group "Obelisk" (Moscow) are looking for the relatives of the participant of the Great Patriotic War, Bobkov Sergei Dmitrievich - junior lieutenant, pilot of the crew Nikolay Talalikhin.

In the fall of 2020, 91 soldiers were buried in the Murmansk region, only 13 of them had names. So, one turned out to be Nikolay Talalikhin, a senior lieutenant of the crew of the GST seaplane. His brother, Viktor Talalikhin, made the first night ramming near modern Domodedovo.

The Northern Fleet, where Nikolay Talalikhin served, was armed with five seaplanes. On July 11, 1941, they all went out on the next combat mission: they suppressed the enemy's battery, but only four aircraft returned to the airfield. There was no car under the control of Nikolay Talalikhin. The crew consisted of five people, three of whom managed to parachute. On the ground, they were captured, according to TV "Domodedovo". Two other crew members - Nikolay Talalikhin and navigator Agubchir Ktsoyev - crashed. Their remains were found last summer; they were later buried.

Among those who parachuted from a seaplane was Sergey Bobkov (born September 22, 1915). Now the search engines are looking for his relatives to pay tribute to the Memory. He was a junior lieutenant in the Northern Fleet of the Air Force. From July 11, 1941, he was listed as missing - after being captured. However, Bobkov managed to stay alive and return to his place of residence in Moscow to an apartment on Tovarishchesky Lane in 1946. In addition, Bobkov was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War, II degree.

It is known that the pilot's sister is named Olga Dmitriyevna Bobkova, his wife Yevdokia Nikiforovna Bobkova, and his daughter Lyudmila Sergeyevna Bobkova's was born in 1947.

If you know something about the relatives of the Great Patriotic War veteran Sergey Bobkov, please inform the volunteer of the "Obelisk" search unit Roza Fattakhova: 8-903-089-75-79 or [email protected].