Posted 12 января 2021,, 06:11

Published 12 января 2021,, 06:11

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Seven adults and a child burned down in a high-rise building in Yekaterinburg

Seven adults and a child burned down in a high-rise building in Yekaterinburg

12 января 2021, 06:11
According to preliminary data, eight people became victims of the fire in a residential building in Yekaterinburg, one of them is a child. The fire could have been caused by careless handling of the fire.

"On the night of January 12, law enforcement agencies received a message about a fire in a nine-story residential building on Rassvetnaya Street in Yekaterinburg. According to preliminary information, as a result of a fire killed eight people, including a child", - Interfax informs referring to the representatives of the regional Investigating Committee.

On the fact of the incident, a criminal case was initiated under the article on causing death by negligence of two or more persons.

According to the regional prosecutor's office, the bodies of the dead were found on the second, fifth and ninth floors. The department suggests that the fire could have occurred due to careless handling of the fire.

"The seat of the fire is located in an apartment on the second floor, next to the sofa. Previously, burners were used in this apartment, and many cigarette butts were also found. (...) The alleged cause of the fire is careless handling of fire", - the prosecutor's office said in a statement.

The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has identified only three fire victims so far. They were a seven-year-old girl and her 38-year-old mother, as well as another 44-year-old woman.

"The first alarming message was received by the duty station of OP No. 2 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the city of Yekaterinburg from the fire station No. 1 of the Kirovsky district at 03:40 that an apartment on the second floor of a nine-story two-entrance building was on fire, and that there were 5 injured and three dead. The second message came at 05:10 from the ambulance brigade No. 61 that a 17-year-old boy named Artem was being delivered to the 9th children's city hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning, 1st and 2nd degree burns of the knee region and both feet. At 05:25, the ambulance brigade No. 63 transmitted information that a girl whose approximate age was 6 years old had died while being admitted to the hospital", - "Vecherny Krasnoturyinsk" newspaper quotes the words of the head of the press service of the regional police Valery Gorelykh.