Posted 13 января 2021,, 11:50

Published 13 января 2021,, 11:50

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

An elevator with passengers fell down in a new building in Krasnoyarsk (video)

An elevator with passengers fell down in a new building in Krasnoyarsk (video)

13 января 2021, 11:50
In a new building in Krasnoyarsk, which is located on the street. Podzolkova, an elevator with four passengers, including a child, fell. Fortunately, people were not hurt. On the fact of the incident, a prosecutor's check is carried out.

Video footage from the elevator car shows that three adults and a child entered it. The doors closed and after a few seconds the elevator started quivering. Frightened passengers began to press various buttons. At some point, the elevator doors opened and people ran out of there.

As Interfax was told in the house management company, the incident occurred because of one of the tenants, who was doing repairs in his apartment. He was carrying heavy construction waste on an elevator, stacking it against one of the walls of the car, which caused it to "warp". During the movement of the elevator, the belt drive slid several times along the guides, but the emergency automatic system worked. This caused the elevator to stop.

To date, the elevator has already been repaired by the service organization. In this case, the bill for unforeseen work will have to be paid by the tenant who transported heavy construction waste.