Posted 13 января 2021,, 14:26

Published 13 января 2021,, 14:26

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"Breathe as you can": even the windows can't be opened in the renovated houses

"Breathe as you can": even the windows can't be opened in the renovated houses

13 января 2021, 14:26
The architects of Moscow "human ant-hills" refer to the fact that battened down windows are a design feature of all skyscrapers, without explaining how people should ventilate their homes and wash windows.

The deputy of the Moscow municipal district Severnoye Izmailovo Dmitry Baranovsky continues in his blog to acquaint Muscovites with the apartments that they will receive after the renovation. This time he visited, photographed and described the 2-room apartment in the house number 13 on Konstantin Fedin Street. It is amazing in its own way: it has blind windows, they do not open!

“The balcony is tightly battened down, the windows do not open. The windows face south - there will be a natural hot house. How to ventilate the kitchen while cooking? Airing on the blank can only be done through a specially provided small grate. There is no more access to oxygen. You will definitely not be able to smoke... The transom in the room also does not open, and this is not provided for by the design. You need to breathe through a special round hole with a valve in the wall”, - writes Baranovsky.

Moreover, this know-how has been extended by designers and builders to all apartments from 25 to 31 floors of the building. That is, not even at home in the normal sense of the word - but human.

It is hardly possible to explain this constructive decision by concern for the safety of future residents: the 25th floor in terms of safety is no worse than the 20th, or 15th, or 10th, in which the windows are opened.

The designers seem to justify themselves by saying that “in skyscrapers, the windows are closed for the reason that the ventilation of the house is disturbed, since in high-rise buildings it is not natural, but mechanical - by fans. But how do you clean the windows? No way. Most likely, the windows will be washed 2 times a year by the management company. Industrial mountaineering will cost residents a pretty penny, it is not a cheap pleasure. It is simply impossible to live in such an apartment without several air conditioners..."

At the end of his tour, having told in detail about this apartment, the deputy sums up the results:


1. Normal layout of the apartment.

2. Neat renovation in light neutral colors.

3. Gorgeous views from the window. 4. 3 minutes from the metro.


1. Extreme deficit of parking lots at home.

2. Elevators are clearly not enough - there will be constant queues.

3. Windows do not open - do not ventilate, do not wash. In principle, it is impossible to live without air conditioners.

4. Corridor system on the floors - life is like in a communal apartment, very uncomfortable and depressing.

5. A huge compaction of inhabitants per 1 hectare with all the ensuing consequences (here 4 Khrushchevs were demolished, and they are being relocated from 13 houses).

Is this not an explanation of why Muscovites are angrily protesting against high-rise buildings, despite the fact that high-rise apartments turned out to be the most expensive. The problem is not in the height of the houses, but in the building density due to high-rise construction. One hectare can accommodate 3, 4 or even 10 times more people than stipulated by the standards. But every tenant needs parking, trees, kindergartens and playgrounds, schools and clinics. People are settled in human houses, in which no one considers any standards: they will build, populate, and live as you want!