Posted 13 января 2021, 07:43

Published 13 января 2021, 07:43

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Updated 24 декабря 2022, 22:37

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Doctors told about five signs of "British" covid in children

13 января 2021, 07:43
The "British" variant of the coronavirus proceeds differently in children than in adults - in particular, the symptoms of the disease in these cases differ.

According to Express, more than half of the children diagnosed with the "British" strain suffer from fatigue, and many become withdrawn. Affected infants have bouts of hysteria and crying. More than half - 53% - of the observed small patients complained of headaches.

Doctors note that those infected with this variant of COVID-19 can experience several types of pain at once, including pain in the abdomen, so doctors advise parents to ask their children if they have head and stomach pains.

Almost half of the sick minors have a temperature above 37 degrees, and also have a sore throat.

About 35% lose their appetite. Moreover, this symptom is observed most often in children under one year old.

It's worth reminding that the "British" variant of the coronavirus, identified in more than 40 countries, also got to Russia. The strain is known to be more contagious than regular COVID-19. Meanwhile, flights with the UK, which were supposed to open on January 12, have not resumed. The stop of flights to this country has been extended until February 1.