Posted 13 января 2021, 13:57

Published 13 января 2021, 13:57

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Pianist Matsuyev defended a young violinist from Chelyabinsk, whom neighbors complain about

13 января 2021, 13:57
Фото: инстаграм Дениса Мацуева
The musician invited the boy's neighbors, exhausted by his violin, to his concert

In Chelyabinsk, a conflict broke out between the parents of a nine-year-old violinist, who exercises his instrument at night, and their neighbors in the house. The boy's parents were sued.

In support of the young colleague, the famous pianist Denis Matsuyev spoke on his instagram. Matsuyev admitted that such a conflict is eternal, and remembered his own youth. “We moved into the first apartment in Moscow with a small piano”, - Matsuyev said. - I played a few chords, and a minute later there was a knock on the door with the words: "What was that?" By that time I had already won the Tchaikovsky Competition, I said that I was a pianist and would be glad to see them at my concerts. They said: concerts are great, but when you played your chords, our parrot fell off the perch. So stop this case. But we managed to agree with each other and even became friends. Then the touring life began, and I stopped bothering them".

The pianist believes that both sides are right, but it is necessary to seek compromises and maintain good relations. And he is ready to help the parties to the conflict in this. “I love Chelyabinsk very much”, - Matsuyev said. - This is the city where our festival has been held for 10 years, we are looking for young talents. And then a thought came to me. I am ready to meet this young talent. I can also get acquainted with his neighbors, have a good talk with them and invite them to a concert. And I hope the conflict will be resolved on the diplomatic plane".