Posted 14 января 2021, 06:34

Published 14 января 2021, 06:34

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New coronavirus mutations identified in the United States

14 января 2021, 06:34
Scientists from Ohio University in the United States have identified two previously unseen strains of coronavirus. One of the strains is somewhat similar to the "British" version, and the second makes COVID-19 even more infectious.

Earlier, the media, referring to the report of the White House working group dealing with the problem of coronavirus, has already reported that a new strain of covid could appear in the United States, spreading one and a half times more actively than the known variant. But later this data was denied by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention denied this information.

The scientists said in a statement that the first mutation, which bears a resemblance to the "British" strain, arose, however, already in the United States. She was found in a patient in Ohio. In the meantime, experts cannot accurately assess the breadth of this option.

Another strain has acquired three genetic mutations not previously encountered. It has dominated Columbus since late December.

These mutations, which are found in the second strain, can make the virus more infectious, increasing human-to-human transmission of the disease. The researchers point out that there is no reason to believe that mutations will affect the effectiveness of vaccines.

The World Health Organization has already announced that new strains of covid will appear in the world. The more COVID-19 spreads, the more opportunities it has for modification and the emergence of new varieties, the WHO explained.

WHO experts, including therefore, propose to prepare for a more difficult year of the pandemic than the previous one.