Posted 14 января 2021,, 12:58

Published 14 января 2021,, 12:58

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Stas Mikhailov showed his life in a luxurious mansion with a marble table

Stas Mikhailov showed his life in a luxurious mansion with a marble table

14 января 2021, 12:58
Фото: инстаграм Инны Михайловой
How does a singer who doesn't pay debts live?

A lawsuit was filed against Stas Mikhailov. An impresario from Kazan accuses the singer of not returning a fee in the amount of more than 1 million rubles for a concert that never took place. "KP" publishes a photo report from the mansion of Stas Mikhailov on Novorizhskoe highway. All pictures were taken from the instagram of the artist's wife Inna.

The Mikhailovs' house stands out among other houses of the elite settlement for its luxury. The area of the mansion is 580 square meters; the arrangement was personally carried out by the singer's wife, who was helped by a team of architects and designers. The interior is decorated with marble, gilding and Murano glass. The forged railings for the stairs were made by Russian craftsmen, the stucco molding was ordered by Italians. The living room on the ground floor has a fireplace with a barbecue and grill, as well as a five-meter marble table worth several million rubles. The ceilings of the rooms on the second floor are decorated with frescoes and crystal chandeliers. The furniture is upholstered in leather, velvet and silk.

The Kazan producer is not the only one who has financial claims to the singer. Earlier, Mikhailov was accused of non-payment by the musicians of his group.