Posted 14 января 2021, 09:39

Published 14 января 2021, 09:39

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The Moscow Prosecutor's Office checks the publication of Novye Izvestia about kindergartens where children are not admitted into

14 января 2021, 09:39
The prosecutor's office became interested in complaints from residents of the capital who do not have a residence permit that they cannot place their children in a kindergarten.

A month and a half ago, Novye Izvestia published an article entitled “Just disgusting: a Muscovite without a residence permit cannot get her daughter in a kindergarten,” in which a post on the Facebook of Muscovite Yekaterina Ivanova was reproduced. Her daughter, enrolled in a queue for a kindergarten from the very beginning, could not get there due to the lack of the notorious "Moscow residence permit", which was de jure canceled in Russia, and de facto in Moscow it is perfectly preserved. Ivanova wrote that she would have to go to the prosecutor's office and to the court.

After the publication, the things that happened with Yekaterina the readers of her blog named a “miracle of miracles”: the Moscow prosecutor's office itself contacted her. Ivanova wrote about this in her blog:

“Imagine, my post about discrimination against children without registration formed the basis of an article in the Novye Izvestia newspaper. It was called "Just a swinishness: a Muscovite without a residence permit cannot get her daughter in a kindergarten". Do you know how I found out about this?

I got a call today from the prosecutor's office. It turns out that they are checking in connection with this publication, which says that I plan to apply to the prosecutor's office, but they did not receive my appeal (because I immediately went to court), and asked if I knew a woman who also writes on discrimination against her son Joseph).

From the conversation, it became clear to me that it was right for me to go to court right away, because the prosecutor's office cannot check the automatic priority, and the temporary rules that regulate this priority (and in fact establish discrimination) are still in force and have not been canceled by anyone.

Well, when I asked where they got my phone number, I was told that they had made a request (!) To the Moscow Department of Education, and they were provided with my contact information. "We did not do anything illegal, do not worry" (c).

Such are the things. You write on your blog (that's the name of my page on the FB), and then the prosecutor's office calls you.


The meeting on my claim against the Department of Education is scheduled for January 20 at 13:55. 5 minutes after it (at 14:00), a meeting will be held to consider similar claims, where 12 people are the plaintiffs. Good luck to all of us! "


However, it was in the afterword to its publication that Novye Izvestia also wrote that one should not think that Ivanova's case was somehow exceptional, by no means. A residence permit makes it impossible for thousands if not millions of children to learn and develop.

And as they looked into the water. One of the comments to Catherine's optimistic post says:

“I have a friend of mine - who has the same problem - almost the same - her husband from Orel, she is Moldovan. In Moscow, they have registration in a rented apartment. She was openly told that the child was not entitled to a garden. She wrote to the mayor on the website and received an answer: return to your Moldova and go to the garden there, although she did not indicate anywhere that she was from Moldova and her child was a Russian citizen... And yes, she will go to the army here..."

Novye Izvestia continues to express restrained optimism about a possible solution to the problem of Yekaterina Ivanova and all other citizens of Moscow and Russia who have found themselves in this, to put it mildly, strange situation that has nothing in common with the legal.