Posted 14 января 2021,, 07:32

Published 14 января 2021,, 07:32

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To freedom in different ways: how supporters and opponents of vaccinations differ

To freedom in different ways: how supporters and opponents of vaccinations differ

14 января 2021, 07:32
There is a fierce debate on social media between vaccinators and anti-vaccinators.

Inexperienced users of social networks are at a loss, reading the fierce controversy between supporters and opponents of vaccinations against coronavirus, because the vaccine campaign has already begun almost all over the world, and now literally every inhabitant of the planet needs to decide whether to vaccinate or not. Journalist Yulia Ignatiyeva writes about this:

“Amazing business. On Facebook I came across a dispute between vaccinators and anti-vaccinators - crowded, international, meaningful, without rudeness (almost). Which is also surprising in itself, but that's not the point.

It turns out that among the arguments of many supporters of vaccinations is not at all the fear of getting sick and infecting loved ones. They openly admit: there is no fear at all. What then? The only motive: so that it all ends as soon as possible. Deleted jobs, economic decline, bans, quarantine police. People believe that if everyone, everyone, everyone goes to the clinics and gets vaccinated, the darkness will dissipate and normal life (to someone from here even seems wonderful) will return. Vaccination is like a ritual. If you do not receive communion, you will not go to heaven. But everyone must come - this is such medical proselytism - otherwise the ritual will not work.

And among anti-vaccination users, it is just the opposite: there are many who refuse to voluntarily admit the virus precisely because of hypochondria: they are sure that they will run into a side effect. But they are not afraid of covid. Only side effects.

Aren't they strange paradoxes?

But the strangest thing is this. How did it happen that not the most terrible disease (and on the scale of the history of medicine it is so easy to spit, tea is not a plague or even rubella) split humanity? In America, it came to the Maidan - the anti-vaccine people rebelled in earnest. Well, not for the red-haired old man, they are ready to shed blood, in fact. Inoculators openly call for the isolation and punishment of opponents and gloatingly rub their hands, waiting for the introduction of apartheid, which really already seems inevitable.

At the same time, the banners of each army have the same word: freedom. For vaccinators (who are not afraid to get sick - I'm talking about this particular category) freedom is the abolition of quarantine and everything connected with it. That is, freedom is what it was before the pandemic. For anti-vaccinators, freedom is not to be poked with needles in my limbs.

Interesting. If anti-vaccines win, how many months, years, decades will humanity adapt to the new virus? How many victims will the covid collect during this time? If the vaccinators win, in how many months, years, decades will politicians and political doctors say: that's it, finish, return to normal life, go wherever you want, walk wherever you want, pour vaccines into the river? Where does this line go? After all, the quarantines have already been canceled - and it has come again. Then maybe not cancel? Will taxpayers be more whole?


The comments on this post clearly show the difference in attitudes towards vaccination. Apparently, everyone will solve this problem for himself personally, unless, of course, he is forced to solve it by force:

- One of the main discoveries of the epidemic is the number of idiots. Who do not believe in covid, masks, vaccinations. But they believe in chipping and infection from 5G towers. I never thought there were so many of them. Another discovery - people who were seriously ill, but still against masks. Because it's hard for them. Well, the raskoryak of liberals, who are wrestling between their type of "freedom" and "satellite". One such friend of mine, a Covid dissident, a fighter with a redhead, etc., invited another Covid dissident to visit. Who knew that he was sick, but did not like to believe. As a result, my friend fell ill, his wife fell ill, and, alas, my father-in-law died. And now he is no longer a covid dissident and a vaccine fighter. But otherwise, it's still against everything. In short, there is only one way out: to plant all idiots, as in the old days, with a hot iron in a bright future...

- Vaccination does not exclude infection of relatives. The fact that the consequences of vaccination are unpredictable is the norm. It has received very little testing, and the virus itself is very new. We do not know what kind of immunity is after an illness and we do not know what kind after vaccination. Just because everything is very new. Taxpayers in a quarantine situation are not very whole in terms of tax payments: the majority have nothing to pay taxes with. Quarantines just need to be observed. Even if not very strict, but observe. Now Moscow is a blatant example of a huge number of sick people and complete non-compliance with nothing. And again they don't wash their hands...

- Alfred Koch reposted an article saying that there is no connection between the lockdown and the spread of the virus. To be honest, I don't see much connection either. As they were ill in the spring, they are still ill, only in the spring everyone was at home, and now we go to work in transport. What changed? Only that then they were not allowed to walk on the streets, but now for some reason it is possible. I don’t believe in the saving power of disposable and reusable masks. The Russians have more fatalism: what will be - will not escape. Judging by my elderly parents, they believe in the virus, but to stay at home and be afraid of everything is considered stupid. And so yes, let's all graft ourselves in order to get behind us. Only this will have to be done every year, it mutates...

But the New York doctor working in the "red zone" Yevgeny Pinelis advises opponents of vaccinations to calm down, not everything is as scary as it seems:

“As arguments for refusing to be vaccinated, many say that nothing dies from covid, a miserable half percent of the sick, well, three or four more suffer it harder than others. Plus, in five percent of covids, it causes post-covid syndrome, which is not entirely clear what kind of animal is, but, judging by the descriptions of patients and their leading doctors, muck is rare and without much progress in treatment. But this is a covid, we already know everything about him, and the vaccine is supposedly untested, it is better to catch your chances with the disease. The vaccine was not even in the plans a year ago. Then, as examples of dire effects, they cite the unfortunate doctor who died of thrombocytopenic purpura two weeks after vaccination, and a widely disseminated video of a man offended in the admissions departments of several hospitals who developed muscle spasms after vaccination. The cruel doctors could not help him. Surely there were more cases, I'm not trying to say that biontech / pfizer, modern, astrazeneca or satellite are 100% safe and fluffy. And there may be distant effects, although I do not believe that some signal would not have appeared in six months..."