Posted 15 января 2021, 11:58

Published 15 января 2021, 11:58

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"He knew!" There is evidence that Trump is personally involved in the storming of the Capitol

15 января 2021, 11:58
In all likelihood, the leaders of the US Republican Party will decide to get rid of the rebellious president.

An American analyst Lucien C. Truscott left a very noteworthy post on his page:

"I got a call tonight from a friend with good connections in the intelligence community. He says McConnell learned something over the last 24 hours that really got his attention and caused him to realize that the Republican Party is in danger of going down if they don’t jettison Trump right now and do as much to distance themselves from him as they are able.

Apparently, the briefing given to members of Congress had some details about the attack on the Capitol that were “chilling and horrific” according to one member who received the briefing. The Wednesday attack on the Capitol, and the plans insurrectionists are making for Inauguration day were described as being made by “an organized group that has a plan”. Members of the Oversight Committee who were present for a second intelligence briefing today issued a statement concluding: “Based on today's briefing, we have grave concerns about ongoing and violent threats to our democracy. It is clear that more must be done to preempt, penetrate, and prevent deadly and seditious assaults by domestic violent extremists in the days ahead".

There are rumblings in the intelligence community that planning for the insurrection on Wednesday reached into the White House to aides of Trump who were reporting to the president. Trump’s Tweet on December 19 apparently tipped off the intelligence community that Trump was in on the planning for the insurrection: “Big protest in D.C. on January 6th”, - Trump tweeted in just one of several of his tweets promoting the day. “Be there, will be wild!”

It will be wild. He knew. He f**king knew.

There are other rumblings in the intelligence community that the Department of Defense was told by the White House to “stand down” on January 6, and not to authorize federalizing the Washington D.C. National Guard. That is apparently why it took so long for Democratic leaders to get through to the Secretary of the Army. In the end, the Secretary of the Army and Vice President Pence got together and made the decision to call out the D.C. National Guard. Pence himself was inside the Capitol building while it was under assault and had an up-close and personal stake in things. It’s worth noting that the president is the only official with the authority to federalize the National Guard. This means that Pence and the Secretary of the Army went around Trump in order to call out the Guard and rid the Capitol of the insurrectionists. Technically, they broke the law.

McConnell has heard enough that he has concluded Trump was either fully informed about what was going to happen on Wednesday, or he was in on the planning himself. When it comes out, and it’s expected that it will come out, if the Republican Party is still standing with Trump, they won’t be able to survive it. So McConnell is signaling to his fellow lickspittles that it’s time to throw Trump under the bus and move out of the way. Trump is going down. He will be impeached, and if he doesn’t resign, he will be found guilty by the Senate.

The die, as they say, is cast. Trump is finished".