Posted 15 января 2021,, 14:02

Published 15 января 2021,, 14:02

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"Let their Rublyovka be renovated!" Muscovites were outraged by the words of chief architect Kuznetsov

"Let their Rublyovka be renovated!" Muscovites were outraged by the words of chief architect Kuznetsov

15 января 2021, 14:02
Another scandal was caused by the statements of the chief architect of Moscow, Sergey Kuznetsov, this time in an interview with VTimes. There he attacked the residents of Moscow five-story buildings:

“But in order to move from this to a modern, cool, comfortable city, unfortunately, it is necessary to rebuild this “summer resident mentality”, as I call it:“ you don’t have to go here with renovation, because we have greenery here”. Are drunks and drug addicts lying under this greenery? Well, it's okay, but there are no others here, but I can leave the car in the yard for free. I was recently bullied for saying that the position against the renovation of monstrous, I emphasize, monstrous five-story buildings is a selfish position. I myself grew up in a five-story building, which is part of the renovation, I know what I'm talking about. I insist on this saying because, yes, it is selfish. Plus, this selfish position is superimposed on a very big misunderstanding of how the city system functions...".

In addition, Kuznetsov said that the destroyed old buildings, around the demolition of which there was a public outcry, were not really valuable. That the further consolidation of Moscow, including high-rise buildings, is not a problem.

And that the inhabitants of the metropolis will have to adapt to the correct, according to the chief architect, lifestyle, in particular, to come to terms with the constant change of place of residence, as this is a sign of a successful person. If this scenario does not satisfy citizens and they are not ready for such a lifestyle, then, according to the chief architect, they should think about moving from the capital to other places.

These words could not fail to cause a violent reaction on the social networks of Muscovites and all opponents of the insane renovation:

- There is no civil society in Russia, it is just being created. Therefore, the only thing that can be done now is to say "stay away from our property, from our five-storey buildings, courtyards, where even if trees grow chaotically in our courtyards, you can safely leave your personal car in the courtyards." According to Kuznetsov, living in five-story buildings is selfish, parking a car for free in the yard is selfish, having greenery in the yard is selfish. That is, a whole million Muscovites are egoists, and that is how many Muscovites live in five-story buildings who have refused to participate in the renovation. Kuznetsov's expression about alcoholics and drug addicts lying under the trees in the yards of five-story buildings is also insulting. Friends, the more passive we are, the longer our silence, the more rights they will take away from us.

- Yes, all of his interviews look like delirium of a not quite healthy person. On the one hand, he asserts there that a city in order to be attractive must have a social infrastructure: kindergartens, schools, medical institutions in sufficient quantity. On the other hand, he denies development planning. Well, in fact, we get a continuous multi-storey residential concrete cells without any infrastructure. Moreover, even with the impossibility of access to them, even emergency vehicles.

- What's the problem? Let them build renovation houses on their Rublyovka. There will be more space.

- Resign him for such statements! He himself lives in a country house of several floors, overlooking the forest with windows all over the wall, and he himself has the audacity to argue that people no longer need solarization standards!

- Reading this interview, at some point I thought that he played into a simulator of life like Sims and lost touch with reality, and Muscovites are graphic cartoons for him. But, of course, this is not so, and the arguments about “for the good of everyone, development, competitiveness of megacities, high standards, and so on blah blah blah” only cover up the true goals.

- I am a native Muscovite, I do not want to completely lose my beloved city, its unique architecture, thoughtful infrastructure. I do not like the Moscow development projects approved by the chief architect Kuznetsov. He wants to overpopulate my city, make an Urban block out of it, faceless high-rise buildings have already filled our city. He uses projects of foreign specialists, contrary to the opinion of our honored architects. We are losing our school and the employment of architectural firms. All his activities harm our city. It reduces the fire safety of residential buildings and their insolation. In addition, he is outraged by his statement that those who disagree with his development projects should leave their city. Stop destroying the capital of the Russian Federation! Resign!!!


A petition appeared on the website demanding Kuznetsov's immediate resignation. At the moment, she has already collected more than 10 thousand signatures.

It says, among other things:

“We believe that the statements of S.O. Kuznetsov contradicts Article 15 of the Federal Law On the State Civil Service of the Russian Federation, as well as the Charter of the City of Moscow, in accordance with which Moscow officials are obliged to work. Any activity of a civil servant should be carried out in the interests of citizens in the first place. If a civil servant offers Muscovites, whose interests do not coincide with the goals of officials and businessmen-developers, to leave the city, he is at least unfit for professionalism. The chief architect, like other officials, serves, receiving a salary from the city budget, because we, Muscovites, hired this civil servant. The time has come to remind Mr. Kuznetsov that an official is not a master, and citizens are not slaves. And it is not for him to decide how to live for the people who pay for his work. The statement is outrageous in terms of both context and content. If we analyze the very idea of Ch. architect about the "success" of citizens constantly changing their place of residence, it is easy to see that the promotion of such an idea is probably very beneficial for developers, but in fact its implementation destroys the basic values of the society that has been developing for centuries on the territory of Russia, Moscow and adjacent territories. This essential statement crosses out such important concepts for a normal person as love for the Motherland, the father's home, the spirit of the place and works to destroy the cultural code. A person needs a House where children grow up, parents grow old. This is how our ancestors lived, this is how we have the right to live. Why is a clerk hired by residents trying to break the traditional Moscow way of broadcasting his thoughts publicly to an audience of millions ...


In the interests of the construction business, Kuznetsov deliberately misleads millions of people. We believe that such statements from an official are absolutely unacceptable. They are a manifestation of unprofessionalism and an extremely low level of culture, and also a corruption component can be traced in these propaganda statements - the chief architect broadcasts ideas that are beneficial for commercial real estate companies.

The unbridled behavior of the chief architect of Moscow S.O. Kuznetsov is absolutely unacceptable for a civil servant. The chief architect is obliged to apologize to the citizens and voluntarily resign. If this does not happen in the near future, we demand the resignation of this official in connection with the loss of citizens' confidence..."