Posted 18 января 2021, 12:04

Published 18 января 2021, 12:04

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Do you know what kind of dad he was! The web tried to rehabilitate Zadornov

18 января 2021, 12:04
Touching photos of the late comedian with his daughter are discussed on social networks

Popular blogger Vladimir Kholodov tried to rehabilitate in the eyes of his readers the late comedian Mikhail Zadornov, whom many turned away from during his lifetime because of ambiguous public statements and jokes. The blogger writes that to many, alas, Zadornov seemed cynical and callous, but the humorist's widow, sorting things out after his death, found a suitcase with a combination lock, and after she managed to open it, burst into tears...

“It turned out that for more than 25 years Misha had been collecting all his daughter's things - children's drawings, handicrafts, albums, postcards for him, sports certificates and diplomas”, - she wrote in her book.He kept her baby curls in a silver box, the first words written on a piece of paper. But I burst like a dam from tears when I saw in the suitcase his daughter's children's mittens kept. So much for the caustic satirist and cynic!"

Waste labor! Those who loved Zadornov will continue to do this, perhaps with a vengeance, while those who hated, including because of Zadornov's anti-Ukrainian position, will remain "with their own people." This is very clearly seen in the comments of Kholodov's readers. For example, like this:

- Hitler also loved his shepherd dog very touchingly.

- Caring dad. Hair, mittens, vaginal packs. I'm going to cry now.

- People hate him fairly. Like the entire clan of ethnocultural people with bright faces. His psychological deviations do not cause pity.

- After his joke about the Malaysian Boeing, he died for me as a satirist and a man.

It's worth reminding that Zadornov then said from the stage:

They understood who broke it all there. But Psaki gave out the exact reason for the fall. The Malaysian Boeing, she said, fell because it was heavier than the air..."

Moreover, as it turned out, the assistant to US President Barack Obama for public relations Jennifer Psaki did not say such words. Zadornov's joke caused a storm of outrage on social networks. Users vied with each other to accuse the humorist of vulgarity and cynicism. At the same time, as noted by bloggers, the satirist's joke caused loud laughter in the auditorium.

It should be noted that these were still the majority. However, the humorist also found defenders:

- He was an amazing man with a sharp mind, rest in peace.

- And who and when called Mikhail Zadornov "cynical and callous"? You have to be an idiot to define him like that.

Well, this remark turned out to be the most objective of all:

- And what a dad doesn't love his daughter?