Posted 19 января 2021,, 13:36

Published 19 января 2021,, 13:36

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Mikhail Khazin: "Liberals from the point of view of their values are satanists"

Mikhail Khazin: "Liberals from the point of view of their values are satanists"

19 января 2021, 13:36
Economist Mikhail Khazin spoke about "what is ripening in Russia in the current historical period" and whether there are forces capable of taking responsibility and put up a new geopolitical project on their shoulders.

“Everyone started geopolitical games. Russia, in this sense, has already created a core for itself - this is the Eurasian Union. Yes, it is still small, but it will expand. And the same Turkey and Iran can also enter there.

And, first of all, because it is clearly clear that this will not be so much political as the USSR, but rather an economic union.

...Our peoples (talking about Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians - note "NI"), I believe, will certainly live in unity, and regardless of how it will be formalized at the state level. These can be different options.

But now comprador liberal elites are very strong in Ukraine, in Russia and in Belarus, in the Baltic states, in Poland, and in Turkey.

They are now in a state of great discord, because they saw what happened in the United States of America, and what else will happen, but they will resist for a long time.

As a believer, I am forced to say that these are, of course, Satanists. Liberals, in terms of their value base, are Satanists. And that is precisely why their task is to sow enmity and hatred in people, which they, in fact, are doing successfully so far.

When resources appear and these forces weaken, people who will propose a project will appear.

Incidentally, I'm not at all sure that they will appear in Moscow, for example, and not in Kiev or, say, in Berdichev".

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