Posted 19 января 2021, 13:17

Published 19 января 2021, 13:17

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Personal experience: how much do housing and communal services cost in a residential complex near Moscow

19 января 2021, 13:17
Residents of a new residential complex in Skhodnya near Moscow pay more for utilities than residents of the center of the capital. From January 20, all non-payers are promised to turn off the electricity and water.

Angelica Zaozerskaya

12 thousand rubles a month for a communal apartment in the residential complex "Welton Park" in Skhodnya near Moscow, I cry with tears in my eyes. For 50 square meters of an empty apartment, no washing machine, TV and no registered people. I went to pay at the Criminal Code after drinking a bottle of valerian and Corvalol. It is impossible to prove that it is expensive. In the summer, I even attended an individual online appointment with the First Deputy Minister of Housing and Communal Services of the Moscow Region A.N. Pyatanov. Really. On the phone I asked the deputy of Andrei Vorobyov about the July rise in prices for vital services, about the monthly fee for garbage collection in the amount of 500 rubles from an apartment, about the payment for major repairs in a new building in the amount of 500 rubles a month.

Concern "Krost", which is led by billionaire Alexei Dobashin, in 2018 handed over a complex of pretty-looking apartment buildings, which immediately ended up in the regional program of 12/18/2018 No. ... The deputy mayor explained to me that the regional program is aimed at long-term planning of capital repairs of common property. That is, they planned everything, and the poor person would live one day and make ends meet. Pyatanov sent me an official reply that "they also planned to raise tariffs in July." The shutdown of electricity and water from January 20, 2021 for those whose debt is two months, apparently, has also been calculated. SMS messages about upcoming blackouts were sent at Christmas, and Epiphany - for the poor will be the last day with water.

My water will not be turned off - I scraped up 13,500 (for garbage collection and overhaul - separate receipts) for a communal apartment. But as a souvenir, I decided to photograph a large poster at the elevator - in a frame, and under glass, with the following content:

From 01.01.2021 the right to impose penalties and restrict utility services for debts is renewed. And at the end in big letters: "Suspended"".

I photograph a poster, and a cleaning lady with a mop is standing behind her and tells a woman that the other day she fell on the snow-covered area of Welton Park, injured her arm, but still removes our "shit" (her literal phrase). Since I also recently fell from the railway bridge at Skhodnya station, where ice and snow had not been cleaned since the beginning of the New Year before this incident, I became interested. I listened. Two hours later, this same cleaning lady rattles into my apartment on the 21st floor and demands an explanation:

- Why were you filming me? - shouted a cleaning lady from Central Asia, threatening with a mop.

- I? No, no, I said.

The cleaning lady sent me three funny letters, pushed me away with her hand in my own apartment and continued yelling like crazy. By the way, I also pay money for daily cleaning...

They say that everything in life happens for the first time, and so the cleaning lady rushed at me with a mop and invaded my property for the first time.

The Khimki police department, which had to be called, warned me:

"Get used to the delights of life near Moscow. This is not the case here yet. It's not for you to live in the center of Moscow (before that I lived next to Gorky Park)".

UK "Welton Park", represented by the manager, refused to name the cleaner. The new manager, Vyacheslav Vladimirovich, said that "he does not yet know all the cleaning ladies, and indeed they come from some company." Welton Park Management Company refuses to explain the origin of such a high utility bill:

“You consume a lot of water,” explained the administrator Yelena Vedina.

- I am alone, I do not even have a bath, and I rarely visit this apartment ... Check, maybe there is a leak? I ask.

"You have to pay for checking the riser - and he names the amount, we have a commercial organization, and you have to pay money for everything", - says Vedina.

I sent the receipt with 13 thousand to Andrey Vorobyov. And I got the answer:

"You are addressing the wrong address".

I wrote to the head of the Solnechnogorsk District Vyacheslav Sleptsov: “Why such a communal apartment? Do you have magic water and emerald light?". Silence.

The policeman who came to the call for the violent cleaning lady explained:

"I live in Zelenograd - nearby, and I pay for a three-room apartment of 70 square meters 4 thousand a month, and my friend lives in this "Welton Park" of yours and pays 8 thousand rubles a month for a communal apartment in a one-room apartment".

I would like to note that Welton Park is located in the usual village of Podolino - there is mud around, a cemetery and a concrete plant are nearby. Billionaire Dobashin spared no expense in advertising, selling this object. Huge billboards hung all over Moscow and the Moscow region. Who could have thought that there is such a high price for water and gas? In January I received a receipt for 13 thousand rubles ... I have already bought all the valerian from the pharmacy. Welton Park Management Company demands to write a receipt that I will pay all utility bills, otherwise they will turn off the light.

Perhaps I could spend my evenings with an ancient candle. But the computer will go out - my instrument, and this is like death.

How to prove that it is not normal to pay for an insane multi-storey building in the form of a hostel, where everyone is yelling at you, threatens three times more than for a communal apartment in the center of Moscow? Is it human to start the New Year by turning off the water and electricity? And there will be nothing to wash your hands with. What about the fight against the pandemic?

The other day in the Duma, the chairman of the A Just Russia party, the head of the SR Duma faction, Sergey Mironov, tried to stop the “lawlessness of the authorities and energy suppliers”:

"The system of regulation of housing and communal services tariffs has given another failure", - said the chairman of the "Fair Russia" party, the head of the Duma faction "SR" Sergey Mironov:

“People simply do not know where to get money from to pay for communal services. Today, in most regions, the maximum allowable share of family expenses for housing and communal services is 22% - if a family spends more on communal services, it is entitled to a subsidy. In 2018, our faction submitted to the Duma a bill that reduces this figure to 15%. The initiative has not been considered until now. We asked for an extension of the moratorium on fines and penalties on debts for communal apartments, but even here they did not listen to us. By the way, the debt of the population for housing and communal services is more than a trillion, but how much is this penalty !? We have proposed to introduce a moratorium on the growth of tariffs for natural monopolies by the end of the year. It is here that the root of evil is: from the cost of fuel oil, gas, electricity, the rise in price spins along the chain and rests on households. But the Cabinet gave a negative conclusion. You see, monopoly enterprises may not receive the planned revenue then. You cannot offend them, but to tear three skins from people - that's please!”, - emphasizes the deputy.

According to the leader of Fair Russia party “payments are often growing due to failures in the operation of metering devices, or as a result of errors or fraudulent payments”.