Posted 19 января 2021,, 13:40

Published 19 января 2021,, 13:40

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Valery Komissarov intends to buy and revive "Dom-2" TV-show

Valery Komissarov intends to buy and revive "Dom-2" TV-show

19 января 2021, 13:40
Producer and ex-State Duma deputy Valery Komissarov, who 17 years ago invented Dom-2 TV-show, intends to regain the rights to it and revive in a new format.

It is reported by StarHit. Now the rights to the project belong to TNT, but the TV channel is no longer interested in investing in a program that is losing ratings. Komissarov claims that he has already sent a purchase offer to TNT's management.

“All this time, I closely followed "Dom-2" ("House-2") and realized that it was becoming completely different from what I originally thought of it, - the reality show has ceased to be real”, - says Komissarov. - Such stars that I discovered - Sobchak, Buzova, Borodina, Bonya, Vodonaeva, Solntsev, May, Menshchikov and others - have not appeared since 2014. What was happening there in recent years was far from the interests of TV viewers. But Dom-2 is a brand, and even the world's largest brands have had failures. I know how Dom-2 should develop in order to become not only interesting, but as phenomenal as it was in the first decade".

Getting money for the purchase, according to Komissarov, is not a problem for him: “Real experienced producers always have the opportunity to attract funding, especially since I know very well how to make a sensational project for a budget of half or three times less. Let me remind you that when Dom-2 had phenomenal ratings, everyone lived in barracks. I do not offer barracks - I have many other interesting ideas, especially since I personally chose all the hosts and participants of this show, I have been engaged in creative and organizational management on a daily basis for ten years - I know well how to do this".

The last issue of the reality show "Dom-2" went on the air before the New Year. Now its presenters are filming another TNI program - "Borodina against Buzova".