Posted 20 января 2021,, 12:12

Published 20 января 2021,, 12:12

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Andrey Anzimirov: what Russian liberals don't know about Trump's plans

Andrey Anzimirov: what Russian liberals don't know about Trump's plans

20 января 2021, 12:12
Russian oppositionists, outraged by the "offensive" on freedom of speech in the United States, should know that the storming of the Capitol was organized on a direct order from Donald Trump, and did not succeed because Trump himself was afraid to take part in it.

Andrey Anzimirov, publicist, USA

I would like to clarify what is happening in the United States and dispel some of the misconceptions that have taken on a protracted nature and distort objective reality to the detriment of the Russian reader and Russia itself.

Some authors are outraged that social networks Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon Web Services, Snapchat, Reddit, Twitch, Liquid Web and Shopify have decided to deny access to US President D. Trump and his supporters. This came in the wake of their attempted putsch and attack on American democracy dating back to the 18th century. In addition, some journalists misinterpret the attempted takeover of the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Some do it out of a lack of information, others - at the behest of duty.

Investigations conducted this first week after Trump's failed coup attempt actually established that the extremists who invaded the Capitol were intended to carry out a coup, destroy the votes cast for Biden and proclaim Trump as president of indefinite duration. All of them claimed that the president himself had sent them here and explain the failure of the coup by the fact that the president did not come to them. There are many video clips in which the crowd that burst into the Capitol after that is admonished not only by Trump in the Mussolini pose, but also by Rudy Giuliani, Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley and the son of President Donald Trump Jr. The response is now an avalanche. More and more extremists are falling like a domino principle.

The investigation continues. All participants in the failed putsch in favor of Trump will be held accountable by law. Let's see if Trump will have mercy on them by leaving the White House. If he pardons, it means he recognizes them as criminals, and himself as their accomplice. Otherwise I would not have mercy.

Schwarzenegger, being an Austrian, named January 6 as American Kristallnacht. One of the rioters was wearing a T-shirt with the words “Auschwitz” on the front and “Auschwitz staff” on the back. Others wore T-shirts that read "6 million is very little." Deputy Ayanna Presley testified that in her office all the alarm buttons had been torn out of the wall by someone beforehand.

More and more video materials appear - the crowd greatly facilitated the work of law enforcement agencies, since many in it filmed themselves. Including a video of a crowd beating a police officer. Another police officer was killed. Another came home and committed suicide. 60 police officers were seriously injured. In addition, the rebels, despite the pandemic, came without masks. Therefore, the faces of white racists have been recorded on video, many have been identified, and tens of thousands of specialists continue to carry out identification. Arrests follow one another.

Among the crowd were military and police, 21 in all. 17 police officers are already under investigation. The military, even retired, will face a court-martial. 313 cases have already been opened. There have already been 116 arrests. Cases are tried in 42 state courts. The FBI has already indicted 74 people.

The monologue of a racist participant in the riots was recorded: “They are shooting at us! In us! We are patriots, they should not shoot at us, but at BLM! Trump sent us here!". On many video clips, the crowd chants “Kill Pelosi, kill Pence! Where are they? Find them!". There are also a number of videos that recorded excited shouts in Russian - there were a fair number of Russians in the crowd.

The investigation revealed that among the thugs who occupied the Capitol and organized a defeat in some of its parts, there was an experienced close-knit terrorist group (the so-called "police"), which had flash-noise grenades, radio phones, headphones, spray guns for bears with them. Their abrupt orders are heard in the video.

The investigation confirmed that similar assaults were planned in the capitals of all states. Many Republicans, members of both houses of Congress, were involved in the failed coup. The day before the putsch, some of them took, bypassing all the rules, tours of the Capitol, explaining where everything was. Many of the faces of the participants in the excursions coincided with the faces of the extremists; the investigation established that these "excursions" were of an intelligence nature.

The investigation established that the mob of thugs that broke into the Capitol building on January 6, did so with the aim of a coup, taking hostages among members of Congress and assassinating Vice President M. Pence and Speaker of the House of Representatives N. Pelosi. For which act in front of the Capitol a pre-prepared gallows with a noose was installed

The crowd was sure that the president himself would join it, blessing them to storm the stronghold of Americanism. However, Trump betrayed even his own, as he promised the crowd to come to the Capitol, and, as always, cheated. Instead, he comfortably watched the entire coup attempt on TV, and it is reported that the only thing he was unhappy with was that the crowd of his defenders looked too vulgar. It is incomprehensible to his surprise at this fact: vulgarity is an inherent property of all racist white rags. Characteristically, he watched what was happening on TV, but did not lift a finger to stop the putsch.

There is no need to turn the usual violation of the law - the sortie of the Core-right extremists at the suggestion of the president - into an apocalyptic event shouting that "America is no more!" It’s not worth it for the umpteenth time to wishful thinking. There she is. The same. Nothing happened to her. It still stands unshakably and still gives the impression of a “conspiracy to make you happy,” as John Updike once defined America.

In fact, the essence of this event is not "demonstrative incest" (as Khazin claims), but "an inglorious end." Four agonizing years of Trump's rule, four years of systematic, brazen and deliberate damage to the American democratic system by the president, who is entrenched in the White House. What brings to mind is the Rotten Idolische, entrenched on the Kiev grand throne. Let me remind you that this idol was distinguished by its gluttony. So during the four years of the orange rogue's presidency in the White House, 1% of the US population earned four times more than all other Americans combined. The country has 18 million unemployed and 400 thousand ruined businesses. 30 million adults and 12 million children are food insecure and unsure of a roof over their heads. These are mainly blacks and Hispanics. 14 million lag behind in rent. Almost half a million deaths from covid - Trump and his administration refused to deal with the pandemic, saying that it would go away on its own over time.

For the last two months of the previous year, Trump repeated every day, using all the media, that it was he who won the election, and the results in favor of Biden were fake. In other words, he tried in every possible way to undermine the confidence of the US population in the effectiveness of American democracy. Considering that Trump himself won the 2016 elections only thanks to Russian hackers, we see here a psychological projection mechanism, this time conscious, that is, attributing his own motives and actions to the opponent. Fortunately, the 2020 election was the most transparent in U.S. history. However, there are many simpletons in the United States who blindly believe in agitation and propaganda, if it comes from the president himself. 80 judges rejected all claims by Trump and his henchmen on this matter. The Supreme Court stated that it would not accept any more claims on "election fraud", since there was no fraud, and Joe Biden was the winner.

Little of. The finding of Donald Trump as president was considered a "direct and clear threat" to the United States of America. That is why Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other private companies found it impossible to continue providing services to the president. Who, systematically ignoring all warnings, incited, through these platforms, the hatred of extreme right-wing elements towards democracy. This is how Trump managed to galvanize an extremist cesspool nationwide. It has already been stated many times that he did this at the suggestion of Moscow and with its help. Google also disabled the Parler social network , which was used by Trump supporters - racists, anti-Semites, far-right extremists, followers of QAnon and other conspiracy theories.

It should be emphasized that this is not censorship.

Censorship is not carried out by private companies, but always only by the state. And private companies are in their own right, and the state does not order them.

This is a consequence of the violation by the President of the United States of rules related to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech does not imply incitement by people in high positions in a political system to destroy that system. It does not imply that such politicians list the specific names of their "enemies", threats against them, the spread of lies and slander.

This is called "caught who bit".

Trump is not only deprived of the cyberspace through which he called for a putsch. All banks broke off relations with him, and, like any president, leading concerns (AT&T, Comcast, Coca Cola, Google, JPMorgan, Marriott, Verizon, etc.) stopped financing him. Some of them said they would no longer support the Republicans at all. Even a golf tournament on the president's golf course has been canceled - not only a major blow to Trump's prestige in the world, but a much more painful blow to the pocket of Trump, who made money from his presidency. Fashion firms canceled all contracts with Ivanka and Kuchner. In the rough language of a poster, Trump and his local and overseas masterminds suffered a complete bummer and collapse.

Trump became the first president in US history to be double impeached. This is not an “attempt at impeachment,” as some in Russia write, but a reality that has gone down in history. Never mind that the first impeachment was not approved in the Senate. The House of Representatives is enough. Even if the Senate had approved the first impeachment, the president would not have been obliged to leave under American law.

This is exactly what the Grand Finale of four years of presidency of a rogue and sociopath is like today, who also works for a hostile country. Before our very eyes, four years of a nightmare from which it was impossible to wake up, come to the end with a miserable and inglorious end. The democratic system of the USA, created by the Founding Fathers, has survived. The orange swindler has overtaken what all swindlers end up with.

Only zilch remained of the baron.

In fact, Trump has become a political corpse. Nearly.

As I understand it, there are four main groups of Russian-speaking critics of democratic America:

  1. People who have dedicated their lives to inciting hatred towards America (some even from Soviet times). Such are Taratuta, Khazin and others.
  2. Madmen in the style of "both yours and ours," like Illarionov. In Russia, many sigh how he was freed from work - I do not understand how he was hired in the USA: this man convincingly argued that Nemtsov was killed by Yashin, and showed himself on the Internet as a terrifying racist, and I analyze the waste paper of racists, sorry, I disdain.
  3. People who, living far from America, do not know and do not understand it. That is, they are simply sincerely deluded. And at the same time, those who are accustomed to confidently judge what they do not know, like Alina Vitukhnovskaya, whose mere statement “What happened has not resembled the plot of the classic dystopia“ 1984 ”for a long time, it went much further”, gives reason not to accept the prose of this author at all seriously.
  4. Social Darwinists, conscious or unconscious racists like Latynina, principled anti-democrats.

All these people are imbued with the Soviet experience, they constantly appeal to it. And they are even proud of it. They believe they have an exclusive socio-historical knowledge that foolish Americans lack. They believe that everyone lies, that everyone is corrupt, that fair justice and fair elections are impossible, they do not understand what freedom, law, separation of powers, consensus, compromise, liberalism, neo-Marxism, socialism, social responsibility are, are prone to conspiracy theory. They don't know the word "leftist" - they know the word "leftist". They hate gays, Latinos, "black-asses", leftists, with obvious pleasure they pronounce the word "negro", they hate professors who "brainwash our children", hate emigrants, making a natural exception for themselves: they are not like these dirty Mexicans. By the way, there are a lot of illegal immigrants among them, but they allow themselves. They largely do not know American culture and history, do not understand the spirit and pathos of America.

For those who are inclined to repeat that "America no longer exists", I will note that the retreating America has been sung since its independence. So do not fall into childhood and serve a memorial service for the United States. From the countless repetition of the desired, it does not become valid. The USA will never be a RSA. The United States of America will never become the United States of America.

Of course, Trump's attempt to end American democracy, and even with the help of hostile despotism, is extraordinary. The president tried to seize power, despite the election results, and end democracy. Failed. It happens. All is vanity of vanities. Some have already tried it. In the middle of the 19th century they separated and started the Civil War. Lost. According to an old anecdote: “A man reads the inscription“ Don't get in. He will kill ”. Climbed in. Killed. " It was, it was, everything was. Nothing new. What has been will be; and what has been done will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun. By the way, at that time Russia was on the side of America, not the racists.

As Andrey Zubov, who immediately understood the whole situation, wrote quite correctly: “The end of Trump turned out to be ugly. Even shameful. From the leader of conservative America, he overnight turned into an ultra-right marginal... Just now, American democracy has proved its strength to the whole world. The assault was stopped, Congress decided to confirm the election results. In those states where they began to call for the destruction of the archive of ballots, order was restored and excesses did not occur. This is a lesson for the entire democratic world - democracy needs to be defended and if necessary, it should be defended by force".