Posted 20 января 2021,, 16:19

Published 20 января 2021,, 16:19

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

"Cleverly clinging": it turns out that Putin raised taxes after listening to Ksyusha Borodina

"Cleverly clinging": it turns out that Putin raised taxes after listening to Ksyusha Borodina

20 января 2021, 16:19
The popular TV presenter said on her blog that Putin took her opinion into account when signing the law on taxation of income over 5 million rubles.

As you know, the insolence may conquer cities. And not only. It can also add the number of subscribers to your blog, and therefore increase its monetization. TV presenter Ksenia Borodina took advantage of this "golden rule" from the bottom of her heart, deciding to promote herself both on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation and on sick children - so that two birds with one stone at once. And she wrote on her instagram:

“And they heard us! Since this year, the official (by presidential decree) Fund for Supporting Children with Severe Illnesses has been launched - the state budget will be sent there, as well as part of taxes (for this, the tax rate on incomes over 5 million has been raised by 2 percent).

Earlier, my friends upstairs personally answered me "Ksyusha, well, you understand, we need to help everyone, we can't help just one!"

What Borodin has to do with all this is completely unimportant, her numerous readers are unlikely to delve into the details, but the benefits are obvious.

This incident did not pass unnoticed by the popular blogger Lena Miro, who vividly reacted to it:

“When I read this, I couldn’t believe my eyes. No, I knew that Ksyusha had fruit compote in her head, but even I had no idea that these fruits were so rotten.

In general, of course, PR on the theme of sick children is a complete moral low, which is impossible to break through. Borodina succeeded in reaching this bottom.

I imagine this picture: the President opened Borodina's instagram and, having looked through the pictures with a floating omelet there, decided to sign a decree on the direction of the budget funds to the fund to help sick children. Where to get funds for this? "I will raise taxes for this case for those who receive more than 5 million rubles a year", Putin decided..."