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Published 20 января 2021,, 16:03

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Geographers: the seventh continent on Earth does exist! And it's hidden underwater

Geographers: the seventh continent on Earth does exist! And it's hidden underwater

20 января 2021, 16:03
Фото: Chris McLennan / Alamy/Alamy
As you know from the school geography course, the Earth consists of six continents. However, recent findings made by scientists refute this unshakable truth. Geographers claim to have found the the seventh continent.

Alexander Palkin recalls this story in his blog.

Most of the lost continent has long gone under water. All that remains of it above sea level are New Zealand, New Caledonia and a number of smaller islands. This is only 6% of the area of the supercontinent that existed in antiquity.

Фото: Территория седьмого континента

The fact that New Zealand is precisely a continent was shown by the study of the earth's crust. As a result of research, the results of which appeared three years ago in the journal of the Geological Society of America GSA Today, it was discovered that this crust is a vast continuous space inherent in individual continents. This was confirmed by satellite imagery, which showed the approximate outlines of the continent of Zealand, which went under water. Apparently, it occupied an area of about 5 million square kilometers, rising noticeably above the surrounding area, had well-defined boundaries and its own geology.

Now 94% of the territory of the seventh continent is under water. Previously, it covered not only New Zealand, but also New Caledonia, Norfolk Island, the Lord Howe group of islands and the Elizabeth and Middleton reefs. Most likely, this area once separated from Gondwana, a huge piece of land, which also included Australia, and sank between 60 and 85 million years ago.

The main reason for this evolution was the Pacific Volcanic Ring of Fire - the most powerful seismic zone in which most volcanoes are located and most earthquakes on Earth occur. This volcanic network led to the deformation of Zealand.

Серым отмечены границы континента ЗеландияСерым отмечены границы континента Зеландия
Серым отмечены границы континента Зеландия
Фото: GNS Science

When asked whether Zealand is the same mythical Atlantis, scientists answer negatively. The Seventh Continent went under water too long to get into the written record. Zeeland has its own secrets that have yet to be solved. Paleontologists suggest that the seventh continent may have preserved the remains of prehistoric animals, while historians hope for traces of ancient civilizations. However, so far the research is hampered by the lack of equipment necessary for deep-sea work.