Posted 20 января 2021, 12:24

Published 20 января 2021, 12:24

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Mikhail Krutikhin: "Fussing around" Nord Stream-2 "is some kind of necrophilia!"

20 января 2021, 12:24
Oil and gas analyst Mikhail Krutikhin on the air of the radio station "Echo of Moscow" commented on the events around Nord Stream 2, spoke about the cost of the project, and also explained who "all these tens of billions of dollars" received.

“The project died back in December 2019 when the US Congress passed a law introducing sanctions.

And here is all the fuss that has been since then ... I, frankly, think that this is some kind of necrophilia!

In Germany they are busy around him and say: no, the project is not finished yet, we will not cancel it; other forces in Germany say let's abolish it ...

But just imagine a situation when the Germans suddenly announce: yes, you know, the Americans were right, and we are wrong here, and let us, as Americans, put an end to this project. They cannot afford it simply due to the political reasons.

The fact that we were shouting "let's finish, by all means on time", or "well, a little later, but we will definitely finish" - this is all noodles to the public, or it is Gazprom's efforts to convince the most important listener, in the Kremlin, that that they are trying, and that they will definitely bring his favorite project to the end.

But now it suddenly erupted... There is a single source where Gazprom is forced to tell the truth. These are prospectuses for all kinds of debt obligations.

They needed to issue this prospectus for a dollar loan in the form of Eurobonds, and for buyers, for investors to tell, sorry, we still have such a risk.

According to the rules for publishing risks, they were obliged to include this risk there (the speech is about the fact that Gazprom allowed the curtailment of the construction of "Nord Stream-2" - noted by Novye Izvestia).

The most truthful documents of Gazprom are these emission prospectuses, when they ask for a loan.

Suddenly it turned out that, yes, things were not going well, and for political reasons they could refuse this project altogether.

Well, there is no project at all!

And the fact that they introduced sanctions against this ship Fortuna, which is now in the roadstead near Rostock, quite far from the point where it had to work - well, yes, they introduced sanctions, everything is in accordance with the law.

But there it is written in the law that the sanctions will not only be against the current owner, but also against the one who was previously the owner and, as such a fraudulent transaction, ceded his ownership rights to someone else. It was a Singaporean company, but the roots can be traced back to Russian, of course.

So the sanctions will hit the main owner, and not some fictitious one.

...Around $ 9 billion was spent on the underwater part of Nord Stream 2, and on the gas transportation corridor there are figures, Gazprom published them back in 2008 - from the Yamal Peninsula to Torzhok only, that's 2,200 km, - 92 billion dollars. It's okay.

2,200 km off-road, tundra ... It was a very serious project.

And then see how much it costs from Torzhok to the Baltic...

That is, this money was received by those who built this unnecessary new gas transportation corridor at the behest of the Russian leadership. Well, there was, after all, a stupid initiative to punish Ukraine, which means that such money must be spent on this case, what a horror!

In general, Comrade Rotenberg and his friends received all these tens of billions for the construction of this gas transmission corridor.

There, the first part was not needed either, because there was enough capacity one and a half times more than Western Europe can accept - but no, they built Nord Stream 1, and now here is Nord Stream 2, which drowned in the bud".

The full interview with Mikhail Krutikhin can be listened to here.